Tech Tip: Easy Mesh Configuration Options in Structural FEA/FEM

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Tech Tip: Easy Mesh Configuration Options in Structural FEA/FEM

written by Achraf Ben Afia


GRAITEC Advance Design is FEA/FEM structural analysis software dedicated to structural engineers operating in a BIM environment. With its easy-to-use features, engineers can design any type of structure with any kind of loads, mixing concrete, timber and steel members.

If you are an Advance Design user, you may wonder what different functions are offered in the surface property sheet.

Following is the answer for mesh options.

Advance Design mesh menu, mesh options, structural analysis

The “Automatic” option indicates that the selected surface should be connected to other elements.

If this box is unchecked, no common node will be created.

The “Type” option can have three values:

  • Complete
  • Triangulation
  • None

The following graphic shows examples with these values.

Advance Design mesh type graphics, mesh options, structural analysis

The “Density” option contains four values: Global, Simplified, Element size, and Detailed.

  • Global: Advance Design will retrieve the values entered in the mesh options (Manage > Mesh).
  • Simplified: Advance Design uses the X and Y values from the property sheet to determine a mesh divided into n along its X axis and m along its Y axis.
  • Element size: You can specify an element size.
  • Detailed: You can specify a mesh size for each side of the surface (or a main and secondary size to vary the mesh on that side of the surface).
Advance Design graphic showing planar element meshed using detailed option, structural analysis

Example of a planar element meshed using “Detailed” option 


The functions offered in the Advance Design surface property sheet enable users to easily specify mesh configurations to meet each project’s specific needs.

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