Tech Tip: Generate a Table of Forces in Advance Design

14 September 2023Advance Design, Structural designDesign, Engineering, structural engineering, Tips and Tricks



written by Achraf Ben Afia


When using GRAITEC Advance Design, you may sometimes need to display or export a table of forces at the top of the column.

Following is a description of the solution.


With the new “result tables” function in Advance Design 2023 and the subsequent versions of the software, we can now generate tables without going through the document generation process. Default tables are provided for nodes, members, surfaces, and supports.

For example, the table for forces in members includes Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, and Mz per element, per load case and per mesh.

We can modify this table to some extent using the “show/hide columns” function shown in the following screenshot.

Advance Design table of forces with functions

We can also create custom tables with our own parameters using the “result table settings” function, keeping only the required data, such as the Fx forces of the columns and specifically at the top of the columns.

Advance Design table of forces columns drawing

Furthermore, it is possible to display the table or export it to Excel.

Advance Design table of forces display


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