Tech Tip: How to Exclude Certain Letters for Numbering in Advance Steel

10 May 2023Advance Steel, AEC, IT ServicesAdvance Steel, Graitec, Tips and Tricks


Tech Tip: How to Exclude Certain Letters for Numbering in Advance Steel

If you’re using Advance Steel and need to control what letters are used for numbering (for example, I’s, l’s and O’s are difficult to read when there are also 1’s and 0’s), following is the way to do that.


First, you’ll need to go to the Table Editor in Management Tools, and then click on Open Installed Databases at the top left corner. Use “counter” as a filter to quickly get to the IncrementalCounter table in the AstorBase database.

In this table, you’ll need to add the letters you want to exclude under the CharsToBeExcluded column for rows 2-5.

Advance Steel menu showing mangement tools

Be sure to hit Update Defaults under the Home tab to apply the changes afterwards.

Advance Steel settings menu snapshot with update circled in red


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