Tech Tip: How to Get Seismic Results by Mode in Advance Design

4 September 2023Advance Design, Structural designDesign, efficiency, Engineering, FEA/FEM, seismic, Structural, structural engineering



written by Achraf Ben Afia


When working with GRAITEC Advance Design, by default the program provides seismic results only from the CQC (complete quadratic combination) or the SRSS (square root of the sum of the squares), depending on the selected mode combination method.

In some cases, it is crucial to have results (displacements, forces, stresses, and resulting forces in the walls) by mode.

You can enable the saving of results by mode from the Applications dialog box available in the ribbon’s Manage tab.

Advance Design seismic results ribbon
Advance Design seismic results menu

After the calculation, it will be possible to use the graphical results and calculation notes, either for the CQC seismic cases or by mode. Combinations that include seismic cases will always combine CQC results with other load cases.

For graphical result processing, you can enable results by modes either from the result settings or from the Results tab on the ribbon:

Advance Design seismic results tab
Advance Design seismic results mode list

For processing in the calculation notes, the choice of displaying results by mode is made from the Cases/Combinations command button in the report generator.

Advance Design seismic results cases/combinations command list
Advance Design seismic results wall resultant forces list


With the increasing demand for efficient, safe, and rapid design solutions, simplicity has become an indispensable part of the design process. An innovative and technologically advanced FEA/FEM software like GRAITEC Advance Design can enhance efficiency and simplify the entire project.

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