Tech Tip: Upgrading to RCFX Report Files in Plant 3D 2025

21 May 2024AutoCAD, Plant, plant 3dAutoCAD Plant 3D, Industrial and Plant, Software Update, Tips and Tricks



Recently, I was going over a feature in the new version of AutoCAD Plant 3D, and I came across an issue that other users may be having.

In Plant 3D 2025, the format for report configuration files has been updated to RCFX. If you’re using AutoCAD Plant 3D 2024 or earlier, the older RCF files won’t be compatible with the newer version.

To maintain compatibility, you’ll need to migrate existing RCF files to the RCFX format.

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When the report configuration is selected, the data source is not selectable, and there is an error message next to the report configuration dropdown. This indicates that the Report Configuration File must be updated to the new .RCFX file type.

software update, Plant 3D RCFX format

Simply follow the prompts provided within the Report Creator to convert the files to the new .RCFX filetype.

software upgrade, Plant 3D RCFX format

Note: There have been instances where some users are not able to convert their files.  Autodesk has a support document that will walk users through the process of changing file names that are necessary for the conversion process. You can review the article and watch a demo by going to this Technical Article.

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