Tech Tips: Replicating Elements with Advance Design

25 April 2023Advance Design, BIM, Digital Transformation, Services & SupportGraitec, replicating elements, tech


Advance Design is a finite element method structural analysis solution dedicated to structural engineers operating in a BIM environment. One of the ways Advance Design helps engineers save time is with the number of options it offers for replicating elements.

Many elements in building structures are repetitive; sometimes entire floors are repetitive. To avoid the need to model each section individually, we can utilize the Copy option to save time.

This option is available under the Home tab . . .

. . . or after selecting an element (or several elements) and clicking the right mouse button.

The item can be copied by:

  1.   Translation defined by an increment vector –

Define the translation Vector and insert Number of copies. Confirm using the Copy key.

2.   Translation defined by a total vector (divided in n copies) –

Define the translation Vector (total distance) and insert Number (n copies). Confirm using the Copy key.

3.   Translation defined by a vector + one distance –

Define the translation Vector, insert Distance and Number of copies. Confirm using the Copy key.


a) Before copying the elements, you can see their Preview.

b) Vector can be pointed to graphically or entered manually (x, y, z coordinates in sequence).

Advance Design allows elements to be copied to specific systems. Use the Advanced options for this.

Columns from the Ground Floor system will be copied to the 1st Floor, 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor systems.

Users can also create new systems by copying.

Advance Design enables copying through Rotation.

Copying using the Ctrl key is also a frequently used function.

When we select an element we notice that every end point is red.

When the Ctrl key is pressed, the corners will turn blue.

By holding the Ctrl key, we can use the mouse to point to a start and end point (vector), so the element copies itself, and we don’t have to use the Copy window. This is known as fast copying.

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