Three Key Considerations for a Municipality’s Digital Workflows

6 July 2023Bluebeam, Digital Transformation, Governmentdigital transformation, innovation, municipal, Revu, Technology, workflows



In an era characterized by rapid modernization, keeping pace with today’s changing demands requires a shift away from legacy systems and toward cloud-based, digital solutions. For cities and municipalities, there is hope in transitioning the plan check process from traditional paper-based reviews to a streamlined digital workflow. While the transition may present challenges, it is an attainable goal.

Here are some key things to consider when thinking about making the switch to go paperless:

Assess Current Processes

Before embarking on a digital transformation journey, municipalities should conduct a thorough assessment of their existing processes. This involves understanding the workflows and identifying pain points or areas where inefficiencies exist.  By pinpointing these bottlenecks, municipalities can identify a roadmap with the specific areas where technology can bring about significant improvements. A few questions to consider include:

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  • What level of scalability and flexibility do these digital solutions offer to accommodate future growth and advancements?
  • What are the potential cost savings associated with digitizing processes, considering factors such as paper usage, storage, and personnel time?
  • How will the digitization of processes affect the overall efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of review and permitting processes?
  • How will the transition to digital processes impact customer service and citizen experience? How can the municipality ensure accessibility and inclusivity for all users?
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Choose the Right Technology Solutions 

Not all technologies are a perfect fit, and it can be challenging to find the one that addresses your every need. Extensive research should be conducted to explore the available digital tools and software. It is essential to evaluate their compatibility and integration capabilities with existing systems. Scalability and future-proofing should also be considered to ensure that the chosen technology can accommodate future growth and advancements.

Cloud-based technologies like Bluebeam are designed to help municipalities achieve flexibility, speed, and accuracy to deliver projects faster through highly customizable markup and collaboration tools.

Commit to Training and Capacity

Transitioning to a digital workflow requires a certain level of digital skills and knowledge among teams. Assessing the digital skills gap and providing comprehensive training programs are essential for successful implementation. Ongoing learning and professional development initiatives should be encouraged to ensure your team stays up to date with the latest technologies and practices.

The Bluebeam professionals at Applied Software, Graitec Group can help you work out a roadmap that meets your team’s specific needs to achieve the optimal outcomes.


Looking forward

Digital transformation is a journey that requires time and effort. However, you don’t have to go through it alone. Our Professional Services team is here to support you in driving better business outcomes through the Digital Innovation Framework. Embracing a digital workflow is crucial for municipalities to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and meet the evolving needs of their communities. By adopting digital tools and platforms, municipalities can successfully navigate the transformation and provide improved services to their citizens.

Have questions or need help with your digital transition? Contact the Bluebeam experts at Graitec Group, a Bluebeam Platinum Partner. Together we can evaluate the best options for your business.


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