Tips and Features for Bluebeam Revu Markups

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A recent survey showed that 85% of companies using Bluebeam were not aware of how to efficiently use markups or a markups list to make their job easier.

In the June 3 Applied Software webinar, “The A-Z of Bluebeam Revu,” hosted by resident Bluebeam expert Rick Kremer, attendees learned about tips and features of Revu that make it easier to provide the right information to the right people. Kremer gave a personalized analysis of doing markups in Revu. These are, “some of my personal favorites,” he began, “mine, as well as favorites from people around the web.”

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An initial setup favorite that maximizes efficiency and optimizes the use of Revu is customizing the user name. When you replace the auto-generated computer name with your full name and company, everyone will recognize that you were the author of the markups you made to drawings.


  • Autosize is a setting you may want to keep on all the time. When you drop a text box into your drawing, the autosize feature makes the size of the box adjust automatically to fit the size of your text.
  • Dynamic fill enables you to easily create area calculations. You can use a virtual paint bucket to fill in a space and then calculate the area and/or perimeter of that space. This feature works even better if you slow down the fill speed – Kremer typically sets this to 20%. The fill size (the size of your “paintbrush”) adjusts to 20% accordingly.
  • Sometimes a boundary is required when using dynamic fill to keep the fill from spilling out of the area you want to measure. Kremer suggested reducing the very large automatic boundary size down to 25%.


Toggle on the option: “Attempt to Check Out Files on Open.” When you’re working on a Studio project, this gives you the ability to check out an object and open it as one action, rather than requiring two steps.


In the Tablet setting, enable text highlighting. Then when you highlight particular text in the drawing, it is automatically included in a comments section in the lower portion of your drawing.


  • Click on “Open Default Programs.” This takes you to the Windows system, where you can choose Revu as your default PDF viewer. After this, when you open PDF documents, they will automatically open in Revu.
  • Choose the Backup option to back up the settings you just customized under Preferences.

Using the newly customized settings, Kremer demonstrated how to create markups in a smarter, more efficient manner:

  • Keep track of who’s doing what
  • Create updated sets of drawings
  • Put a set of drawings into Studio Projects (available in all three versions of Revu)

To organize markups in a “unique fashion,” Kremer said, one only needs to find the subject line. “The subject line allows me to organize markups by, let’s say, discipline. I can create markups specifically for the architecture team, and one for the contractor, and maybe for the MEP team.”

Revu really does make it easier to provide the right information to the right people. To see these tips and features demonstrated by Rick Kremer, you can watch the full webinar on demand.

If you’re ready to take your projects to the next level, try Bluebeam Revu for yourself with a full working version on a 30-day free trial. When it’s time to convert that 30-day trial to a subscription or perpetual license, contact Applied Software and talk to a Bluebeam expert about your firm’s specific needs.



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