Troubleshooting Typical Errors in 360 Sync

27 January 2021All360 Sync, Tips and Tricks



Customers who use 360 Sync sometimes get confused by some of the error codes that 360 Sync throws out. This blog will attempt to explain some of the more common errors and discuss how to fix them.

Demo and setup are quick and straightforward: 30 minutes or less to implement 360 Sync within your company.

(403) Access Denied

What it means:

A (403) Access Denied message means that your username, password or permissions to the project or folder that you’re trying to connect to are invalid.

Why did this error happen:

Did you recently change your BIM 360, Procore or SharePoint password?

If you’re using BIM 360, have you been assigned as a Project Admin for the project in question?

In Procore, do you have at least Standard Permissions?

Does the Company you’re connecting to allow it?

How to fix it:

Double-check your username and password. Follow directions in the 360 Sync Troubleshooting blog.

(429) Too Many Requests

What it means:

You’ve reached the maximum number of API (application program interface) calls to your data source. For BIM 360, that means you’ve made more than 5,000 calls over the past 60 minutes. For Procore, it means you’ve made more than 3,600 calls over the past 60 minutes (one per second).

Why did this error happen:

You likely have too many syncs running at the same time. Or you may be updating an existing project for the first time which has a ton of files and/or folders.

How to fix it:

Spread out the time between your scheduled tasks. I suggest spacing them apart by at least 15-30 minutes if possible.

Procore API Exception: Implicit OAuth Connections Are Not Allowed for This Company

What it means:

The company you’re trying to connect to in Procore does not allow an app like 360 Sync to move files from one place to another.

How to fix it:

Ask the company in question to allow OAuth apps to connect to their Procore site.

Skipping “(name of file.???)”: File extension not supported by BIM 360 Team/Docs

What it means:

The filetype isn’t accepted by the data source you’re trying to connect to.

How to fix it:

360 Sync simply skips unacceptable files, so you don’t really have to do anything. However, if you want to get rid of the error, delete the file from your source location.

If you’re not using 360 Sync yet, contact Applied Software today to talk to an expert about 360 Sync and sign up for a demo. You’ll see how using 360 Sync can help you save time and better manage your data between your server and point solutions.



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