Two Amazing Cloud-Based Tools to Make Project Management Easier

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The products on the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) platform enable you to use management tools to ensure your project stays on track.

ACC provides access to quality management tools to reduce rework. You can focus on site safety using safety management tools. And you can utilize cost control tools to monitor, review and manage your project.

For example, using Autodesk BIM Collaborate, a tool on the ACC platform, all project communication is maintained in one location in real-time. In addition, with automatic clash detection, you can get potential issues resolved quickly before they cost you money.

In an Autodesk Construction Cloud customer story, Grainger Construction described how the company was able to use BIM Collaborate to focus efforts on a hospital project building by building.

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The cloud-based nature of BIM Collaborate enables anyone with permission to take care of clashes that involve their team without extra skills on software like Navisworks. Teams can remain accountable without a manager’s reminders or prompting, allowing the BIM manager to focus on other issues.

BIM Collaborate has an intuitive interface that facilitates better coordination and more meaningful discussions. From any location, project partners can collaborate and engage with each other. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, everyone involved in the project can share live information and work in the same environment.

BIM Collaborate enables subcontractors to be involved in a project earlier. They can monitor their portion of the model and determine whether there are issues. If so, they can resolve clashes in the BIM model faster. The coordination timeline can move along more quickly. Notifications can be transferred from Autodesk Revit into BIM Collaborate for transparency, accountability and continuous collaboration.

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BIM Collaborate is just one tool on Autodesk Construction Cloud. For construction project management, the cloud-based platform has other tools that help teams optimize their project management workflows.

From requests for information and submittals to number crunching to determine how costs are comparing to the project budget, teams can efficiently create, coordinate and manage all aspects of the project in a single place.

For instance, PlanGrid features, now part of Autodesk Build, can find and organize all of a project’s submittals and then distribute them during the entire project. This digital connectedness can improve the quality and speed of communication on a project.

Partners can initiate requests, manage reviews and approvals and synchronize information to mobile devices for offline access. The intricacies of cost management – schedules, numbers, customers, vendors – can be handled in real-time, reducing the amount of labor required to juggle those activities. In addition, change orders that affect cost management can be streamlined with clear tracking of the effects of changes on the project.

As a cloud-based platform, ACC can also provide reports and analytics for a better understanding of how the project is performing against plans. Dashboards can provide visibility into risk, subcontractor performance, RFI progress, and overall project health.


When using Autodesk Construction Cloud products like BIM Collaborate and Build for project collaboration and coordination, project management can be easier, with time savings, lower costs and better projects.

Learn more about BIM Collaborate, Build and Autodesk Construction Cloud in the free eBook: The Importance of a Common Data Environment.



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