Valves in the Plant 3D Spec Editor

5 April 2022AutoCAD, Digital Transformation, Industrial and Plant, plant 3dTips and Tricks



Business Outcome

There’s no way around it, creating Pipe Specs in Plant 3D is tedious and time consuming. Creating a Valve Catalog is no exception. If anything, it adds extra complication, not only from the standard properties that need to be filled, but there are valve-specific properties, such as operator assignment, alignment, detail, and body type. These are all necessary to build a complete and comprehensive Valve Catalog. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel every time we create a new valve catalog, we have found that the best way to tackle the complexities of valve catalogs is to create a checklist that covers all the details needed to complete the catalog.


The following technology is utilized in the solution:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D Spec Editor


We have created a checklist to build our Valve Catalog accurately and effectively.

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Completed______ Description
Did you start with the closest stock family?
For flanged classes, fill out Pressure Class, and Facing, Flange Thickness.
For any goezinta* (goes-in-to, aka Socketweld/Threaded, etc) parts, include the engagement length and end type.
For bolts, add any required additional bolt length to the flange thickness property (stock workflow). For custom control over bolt length calculations, use Auxalia’s bolt length tools:
Set Connection Port Properties to match, if applicable.
Do you need a custom operator? Set the Part Size Long Description to something easy to recognize (Hand Lever, Vogt Model 1234 H=8”x W=3”). Add operators prior to adding a part to the spec.
Edit Operator Assignments.
Does your short description match the catalog and/or company standard description format?
Fill out mandatory valve properties (Aligment, Detail, Body Type).
Iso Symbol Type and SKEY.
Does the valve reduce? Set each port size as applicable.
Put the part number in the Item Code property, if applicable.
Weight (include actuator weight in valve weight).
Length (what will show in reports).
Dimension Testing.

*read it out loud

Final Output

Using our checklist for the Valve Catalog will help you create a valve catalog that performs well with deliverables, such as the P&ID Line List palette, reports and isometric drawings, and has accurate, complete information within the properties.





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