Vault Project Sync – Part 2 – Configuration

10 August 2016All, IT Services



This post is part 2 on my 2-part series on Installing, enabling, and configuring Vault Project Sync.  In part 1, I outlined how to install and enable Project Sync inside of Vault Professional.  In this post, I will be detailing how to configure Project Sync to work with Autodesk Buzzsaw.  (I mentioned Vault Administrator permissions are needed during Step 2 – Enable Project Sync, in the part 1 post, but I need to emphasize that all the steps outlined in both blog posts need to be performed by a Vault Administrator).

In order for Project Sync to communicate with your Buzzsaw site, there are two elements that need to be configured.  As outlined in part 1, free access to Buzzsaw is one of the benefits to purchasing Vault Professional on maintenance, so the first step is to create a Buzzsaw site for your organization.  The steps below outline the process to verifying your access, creating your site, and user credentials.

  • First, log in to your Autodesk Account, and click on the Management link at the top of the page, then select Product Enhancements from the Quick Links section.
  • In the resulting page, you will see a long list of enhancements.  Click on Title at the top of the list in order to sort the enhancements  alphabetically.
  • Select the Autodesk Buzzsaw Benefit for Vault Professional Subscription link.
  • In the resulting page, there will be two links.  Select the first link to enable you to create a new Buzzsaw site in 30-day trial mode.  The second link is for a validation form, which should be completed and submitted.
  • In the trial site creation page, type your credentials as depicted below, and give your site the name you would like it to have.  Then click Submit.
  • If the site name is accepted, your new site is created and you will be taken to the next page, which will welcome you to your new site.  Click on this link and you will be taken to your site and allowed to create your password and security question.  Click Continue

The next steps are done from the Vault client (remember to login as an Administrator).  From the Tools Menu, select Project Sync Settings.  In the resulting dialog box, select Manage Sites.  Next, in the Manage Sites dialog box, select Add Site.

  • In the Add Site dialog, specify the name of your site, then your user name and password.  Click the Define button to change your Synchronization Settings, and click OK.  Click OK again.
  • After adding the site, you need to add folder mapping so Vault knows which folder(s) you want to synchronize.  Back in the Project Sync Settings dialog box, click Add Mapping.  Select the site from the drop-down box (you can also add a site from here by clicking on the plus sign), then select the ellipses button to select the Buzzsaw folder to be synchronized with Vault.  Next, select the ellipses button to select the corresponding Vault Folder to be synchronized.  Click OK. Click OK again in the Project Sync Settings dialog box.

Congratulations!  Your Vault is now successfully configured to use Project Sync with Buzzsaw.  Finally, you can now use the Project Sync toolbar to Share, Update, Add, and Sync files and folders to and from Buzzsaw.

I hope that this two-part blog on installing, enabling, and configuring Project Sync for Vault has been beneficial for you.  Til next time…

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