VIDEO: Higher Quality in Less Time – PowerPack for Plant 3D

26 July 2023Industrial and Plant, plant 3d, PowerPackefficiency, productivity, quality, Time



If you’re looking for ways to get more productive work out of your day, you may want to join your process plant peers and check out PowerPack for Plant 3D. You can make the most of your time on your process plant designs and layouts using this collection of advanced tools and features created especially for AutoCAD Plant 3D users.

Watch the following 2½-minute demonstration to see how you can streamline your plant design workflows using PowerPack for Plant 3D.


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two men in blue work coveralls walking through process plant; PowerPack for Plant 3D


  • Export supports to Excel
  • Fill in critical line group properties automatically
  • Reference solid models without conversion
  • Export models to basic AutoCAD solids, no object enabler required



  • Copy drawings from another project
  • Sync Actuators
  • Find PnPIDs


Produce high quality designs in less time with tools designed specifically for your type of work. Make the most of your time on your process plant projects. 

If you’d like to see first-hand how to save time and improve quality in your process plant design workflows, check out the FREE TRIAL of PowerPack for Plant 3D.


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