VIDEO: Reliable Cost Management Tips for Less Risk on Projects

6 March 2024Build, Construction, Digital TransformationBIM, cost management, Data, Field, information sharing, Integration, risk mitigation, Tip, workflows



Does risk in your business keep you awake at night?

In construction, connected workflows and integrated systems are key to reducing a company’s risk and maximizing profits.

Cost management can automate workflows, eliminate information silos and connect data across your company’s tech stack. Better data handling reduces risk.

Costs and contracts go hand in hand. Whether you need to better understand materials and asset tracking or even change orders, managing those workflows better can give you accessibility to up-to-date information. This empowers project and account managers to make informed decisions quickly, reducing risk.

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Materials receiving can be handled in the field, including status, location and quantities. By synchronizing project and accounting teams, you can close the loop for efficient vendor payments. In addition, you can better manage project payment applications against the owner’s budget. Timely payments reduce the risk of disputes and project disruptions.

An ideal option is to take advantage of the cost management integrations available through Autodesk Build.


Watch this VIDEO about cost management possibilities with Autodesk Build.


The Cost Management feature in Build can give you the connected workflows and integrated systems you need to reduce risk and maximize profits.

Learn more about cost management using Autodesk Build in the free eBook: The Importance of a Common Data Environment.


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