4 Ways You Can Have Better Construction Management Workflows

16 January 2020All, ConstructionProject Management, workflows



Today’s construction projects are more complex and with shorter timelines than ever before. If your company is already using collaboration, there are a lot of moving parts as the job progresses. The team as a whole needs the best project management workflow possible to construct a successful project. As detailed in the Connect&Construct article “How To Achieve a Better Construction Project Management Workflow,” technology has a lot to do with accomplishing that.

Manage RFIs and submittals

This process can really cause confusion and put productivity in jeopardy in a hurry, especially when multiple RFIs on different parts of the job need to be addressed simultaneously. There is a logical process to submittals. Make sure you’re using the tool you need to give the appropriate team members access to models and data at the appropriate time. One solution is to simplify processes by using a single software app to manage data, including contract docs, design docs, markups, design and field issues, and requests for information. The benefit of this is magnified when team members have connectivity and access by mobile devices.  Ensure your team can connect to the project anytime they need to from anywhere they happen to be.

Operate in real-time

If your collaborative team makes changes and is notified about changes in real-time, it’s revolutionizes the project workflow. A recent Autodesk infographic showed that 55% of construction rework is caused by inaccurate documentation (ie. someone working from the wrong set of drawings). Real-time access to real-time changes can reduce or even eliminate rework. Reducing errors is critical, and that starts with reducing the potential for errors. Using software tools that can illustrate and track every aspect of a job, and by operating in real-time, when errors do happen, they’re not likely to be catastrophic.


Finger pointing is the oldest game in the construction playbook. At issue is usually the chain of information . . . “I told him . . .” or “I never saw it . . .” or (my absolute least favorite), “That wasn’t my job.” In order to produce the best project, everyone is responsible for their part and the whole, so it’s important to maintain accountability. Transparency only works if everyone knows where information comes from, who consumes it and who is responsible for making sure it’s correct.

Contract is king

How many jobs end up in litigation because someone didn’t adhere to the contract? Maybe it’s someone down the line of command who never even saw the contract. As the workflow progresses, certain deliverables must be met. If everyone wants to get paid for the work they do, the contract is the ultimate “boss.”  By the time of the project’s handoff, most people’s minds are already on the next project. But if final payments are to be made and made on time, then deliverables for the closeout must be complete. How much sweeter it is if they can be rich with the kinds of data that are usable downstream by the owner, maintenance departments and facilities managers.

It’s true that today’s construction projects are more complex than ever before, requiring faster production and tighter budgets. Download the free Applied Software eBook, “The BIM 360 Family Tree” and learn about the tools your company can use to streamline the project management workflow and meet those demands. If you’d like to learn more, contact Applied Software today for a quick discovery call. An Applied industry expert can help you fashion a technology solution that best suits your company’s individual needs.



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