Ways to Make Your Project Data the Best Business Data

4 August 2022All, autodesk, Autodesk Construction Cloud, BIM 360, Connected Construction, Construction, Digital TransformationData, document management, standardization



Project data is in the news. Companies are discovering that there is a lot of information available on projects these days, but putting it to the best use can be a challenge. Inaccurate, inconsistent or incomplete data contributes to poor project outcomes industry wide. Following are suggestions for ways to make your project data the best business data for your company’s needs.

Standardize cost documentation

To stay productive, teams need prompt responses to anything that has the potential to slow project progress. Standardized cost documentation is important for keeping a project on track, whether it involves contracts, change order documents or payment applications.

Documentation is a key part of cost management because it directly influences schedule and budget.

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Autodesk Build makes it simple to standardize cost documentation and manage it at the account level. Build eliminates rummaging through templates, spreadsheets or other documents by providing standard, up-to-date contract language. When your cost documentation is standardized, you don’t have to waste time. The Autodesk Build Library enables you to update a contract document template and share that with associated projects. This efficient document management maximizes your workflow needs.

Share the information teams need

Technology is making it possible to share information with stakeholders in a more automated and transparent manner. But dedicated workflows are still needed to manage and share data. In addition, each team will have information that other stakeholders need.

The new Autodesk software Bridge enablesteams to share their data with others based on roles, rules and permissions. With Bridge, users can choose what specific information they share: folders, files and/or sheets. The receiving teams also get the ability to manage and standardize the information they tap into. 

Learn more about Autodesk Construction Cloud in the free new Applied Software eBook: The Importance of a Common Data Environment.

Take advantage of project-level data

If you want deeper insights into your current and historical projects in order to compare their performance, you need a uniform way to evaluate that. This could potentially require time to pore through spreadsheets, including old information. Alternatively, Autodesk Build enables you to extract and share project level data using Data Connector. This enables you to analyze larger sets of data, analyze specific project information and set up dashboards to view the findings.

Use better visualization

Decisions based on data require that decision makers understand what they’re looking at. Instead of onerous spreadsheets, you can use Power BI templates to create visualizations for cost management, document management, assets, and more.

With Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), Autodesk Build and BIM 360, users can access templates for various tools or workflows, plus discover new and updated templates. Teams can have better connectivity to data extracted with Data Connector and visualized with Power BI.

In conjunction with this, you can use company-level dashboards to track success in achieving goals. Different types of project data can be combined into a company-level dashboard. In ACC, Build, and BIM 360, leadership can customize dashboards in the Executive Overview area of Insight. Specific dashboards can be set up to align with the company’s goals and systems of measurement.


Whether you take steps to standardize cost documentation, share the information teams need, take advantage of project-level data, or use better data visualization, you’ll be ensuring that your project data is the best data for your business needs.  



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