What Would You Choose? . . . The Applications Game

30 March 2021All, Bluebeambluebeam revu, software


What Would You Choose? . . . The Applications Game

On March 17, Applied Software hosted an exclusive episode of The Applications Game starring App Bachelorette Caitlin and three contestants for her consideration: Mr. Notepad, Mr. Acrobat, and Mr. Bluebeam.

The world is full of contractors who need to get things done and are looking for the right partner for their jobs. Caitlin was no exception. She’s a mechanical contractor from Southern California who dedicated herself to looking for a long-term commitment with Mr. Right Application.

Minutes before The Applications Game show aired, this reporter took each contestant aside to ask them a bit about themselves.

  • Contestant One, Mr. Notepad, was invented on February 10, 1902. Coincidentally, he’s fully recyclable and has remained essentially the same product for the last 119 years!

“I’m not sure how I got here,” muttered Mr. Notepad, with his spectacles perched midway down his nose and looking a bit long in the tooth, “but I’ll stay for the fun.”

  • Contestant Two, Mr. Acrobat, was created in 1993 by his parent company, Adobe. You can usually find him loitering around on street corners, giving away his products for free.

Mr. Acrobat calmly suggested, “Please, call me Adobe Reader.” Leaning back in his comfy-looking chair, he added, “Have I mentioned that I’m very well-traveled? You can find me anywhere.”

  • Contestant Three, the enthusiastic and ultra-smooth Mr. Bluebeam, was created in 2002 and currently has over two million committed users around the world.  

Snazzily-dressed in a fine suit and fedora, Mr. Bluebeam said, “I hate to brag, but I get things done. Efficiently and easily.”

Once host Todd Weyandt got the show on the road, Caitlin was ready with questions for each applicant:

  1. How can you help me create PDFs to send to my clients?
  2. How can I use your application to collaborate with others on a project?
  3. Can I easily customize you?
  4. How can I keep track of changes in drawings and keep them organized?

Again and again, Mr. Notepad fumbled his way through his replies, which basically boiled down to: “Um, nope… not gonna happen…”

The straight-faced, unflappable Mr. Acrobat followed mostly with, “I’m afraid I’m going to have to take a hard pass on this question.”

Mr. Bluebeam, on the other hand, came prepared. “I actually have some plugins to make your life easier if you’re using AutoCAD or Revit,” he said. “I also have plugins to make it easier for you to print from all of your applications.” He grinned widely, “If you pick me, we can collaborate on Studio Sessions with up to 5,000 PDFs, and if we’re using a Studio Project, we can use any file type you are into.” Pointing at the audience, he added, “Did I mention I have NO size limitations? You can store and use pretty much ANY file type! Customization is a piece of cake!” Nodding knowingly, he turned on the charm, “Also, I can help you manage all those files and keep you working with sets and slip sheets. And I have an easy way to automate comparisons and even give you a summary report to boot!”

The choice seemed plain to this reporter, and apparently it was to Caitlin too!

“I think I’ve made my decision,” announced Caitlin. “One application totally meets all my needs. Smiling, she announced decisively, “I can see us having an incredible long-term working relationship. I’m going to choose Mr. Bluebeam!”

Want to see if Bluebeam Revu is the right application for you? Contact Applied Software today to talk to a Bluebeam expert.



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