What You Should Know About Enterprise Cloud Storage

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Where would we be without data?

Data is a valuable asset for any business today. As a business grows, the amount of data it collects also grows. As this data grows, businesses need to ensure they are equipped to control and manage it properly.

Cloud storage has been around since the early 2000s, and although new technologies such as AI and machine learning have taken over the headlines, cloud storage remains a critical component to business success. It’s essential to have reliable, dynamic, fast access to the right data at the right time in today’s era of remote work.

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What is Enterprise Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage refers to file storage online. This cloud computing model allows the storage of data on remote servers and accesses them over the Internet (cloud). It is managed, maintained, and operated by a service provider on storage servers.

As mentioned above, as your business grows so does your data. Cloud storage gives enterprises flexibility, access, memory, and data storage.

Cloud storage solutions are available in three primary forms:

  1. Public Cloud: The public cloud is a shared infrastructure where the provider owns and manages all the infrastructure over the Internet as a cloud service. This type of service has a high regulatory compliance, making it a reliable and affordable option.
  2. Private Cloud: The private cloud is used by one organization alone; there is no sharing of resources. The infrastructure can reside either with a third-party vendor or on-premises. Because of the exclusivity, this cloud model requires the organization to own and manage the operations, making it the costliest option.
  3. Hybrid Cloud: A hybrid cloud model is just what it sounds like, a combination of one private cloud and one public cloud. Here an enterprise can gain agility without incurring the cost of ownership.
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Finding The Right Solution

When looking for the right cloud storage solution, enterprises should look for a platform that holistically solves the entire data ecosystem. They should be looking for a provider that can not only manage their data, but also protect it. As you look into your options, use the following questions to assess what platform is right for your business.

  • How is file redundancy managed?
  • How is data recovery executed?
  • How is security reinforced against ransomware?
  • How are user provisioning and app integration managed?

One Example – CloudFS with Panzura

Panzura enables you to replace legacy storage with a modern, resilient, simplified solution. Legacy applications can be rewritten for a cloud environment.

CloudFS makes enterprise business more productive by consolidating data from multiple locations into a single authoritative data source that’s deduplicated, compressed, and protected against ransomware.

Using Panzura, you can benefit from a smart approach to unstructured data, making massive files immediately available to users across distance. Your remote teams can work collaboratively, even on mega-sized media files, when data updates are immediately visible to users wherever they are located.


Enterprise cloud storage has become the leading and preferred method of digital storage. According to an IDC market research forecast, enterprise cloud spending is expected to have a compounded annual growth rate of 16.9% worldwide. If your business is not actively utilizing the cloud, there is no better time than now to make the switch.

Learn how Applied Software, Graitec Group can optimize your data storage across leading platforms and application environments with our Digital Transformation Team.

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