What’s New for Inventor 2017.3 (Customers with Subscription) Part 2

12 December 2016All, Manufacturing


What’s New for Inventor 2017.3 (Customers with Subscription) Part 2


Multiple Enhancements to Analyze Interference

  • The new option in Interference Analysis dialog box, Treat subassemblies as components, lets you treat sub-assemblies as single components and ignore the interferences within the sub-assemblies.
  • The  Interference Detected  dialog box now includes:
    • Information about each interference.
    • Interference type filtering options. Focus on the information you need to check by including only the interferences you want to see.

**Note: The Reference components filter only displays when the assembly includes an AnyCAD reference imported 3rd party file.

  • Ignore and Un-ignore options. You can:
  • Right-click an item and select to ignore the selected volume or ignore all interference volumes less than a selected value.
  • Select or deselect the Ignored filter to show or hide the ignored interferences in the list.

**Note: An ignored interference is displayed with a cross line.

  • Right-click an ignored interference and select to Un-ignore the selected item, or Un-ignore all.
  • Mismatched threads display the interference type in a tooltip for 4 interference types.
  • Threaded components are misaligned.
  • Thread designation does not match, including nominal diameter, and pitch.
  • Left/Right hand does not match.
  • Thread length does not match.

**Note: The first set of numbers in the tooltip indicates internal thread value. The second set indicate the External thread value.

  • The interference type is included in a new column called Note when you copy  a thread interference value into Excel.

Assembly Shrinkwrap Options Dialog Box Enhancement

The setting, Use color override from source component, is now available in the Assembly Shrinkwrap Options Dialog Box. Use this option to link color from the base component into the target part. If unchecked, the appearance is set to the default appearance of the target part.

The label for the option, Use color override from source component, in Application  Options Part tab is renamed to Make/Derive/Shrinkwrap

Guided Tutorial Author

Create and Share Tutorials

You can now create your own tutorials and share them publicly or privately. This enhancement adds two new categories to Type. Click My Tutorials to display and manage tutorials you create. Click Shared With Me to display tutorials that are shared privately with you.

When you click Create Tutorial to start the authoring process, the Anatomy of a Tutorial visual guide is displayed. Click the How to links on the Anatomy page to watch two short videos that guide you through the create and share process.

BIM Content

Preparing BIM Content for Configurator 360

A new workflow is provided for preparing Inventor models for use as BIM Content via Configurator 360.

OmniClass 2006 Support

Autodesk Revit uses the OmniClass 2006 (draft release) product classifications and codes. Inventor OmniClass selections have been expanded to use the same OmniClass 2006 content. The following classifications were added:

  • 23.10 Site Products
  • 23.20 General Purpose Construction Accessories and Surfacing Products
  • 23.25 Structural and Space Division Products
  • 23.35 Covering, Cladding, and Finishes

Switch from OmniClass 2006 to OmniClass 2012

The Categories.xml file contains the OmniClass 2006 classifications and the mapping to Revit categories. If you want to use OmniClass 2012 classifications you can change from 2006 to 2012 by following these Instructions.

Inventor 2017.3 Additional Information

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