What’s New in Advance Workshop Steel 2025

19 June 2024Advance Workshop



The release of Advance Workshop Steel 2025 marks a significant milestone in AEC, Building Design, and Fabrication software solutions. With a suite of innovative tools and features, this latest version is designed to enhance efficiency, precision, and overall capabilities, setting a new standard in the industry.

Here’s a detailed look at select new features and improvements in Advance Workshop Steel 2025.

Adding Steel Plates Manually

The latest update introduces the ability to manually add steel plates to customer orders or quotations. This feature provides users with greater control and flexibility, allowing for seamless integration of custom steel plates with various shapes, dimensions, and specific requirements like holes or cuts. Users can configure these details as needed. This enhancement streamlines workflows and integrates smoothly with existing modules for ordering, procurement, nesting, and production planning.

Improved Subcontracting Capabilities and Management

Subcontracting functionality has been significantly improved, covering the entire process from the Import stage to customer orders, quotations, fabrication orders, and status traceability. These enhancements ensure better management and increased efficiency throughout all subcontracting stages.

Enhanced Management of Galvanization and Painting

Advance Workshop Steel 2025 offers new options for managing finishings like galvanization and painting. At the quotation level, users can now include weight and coating area considerations for price estimates, providing more accurate and comprehensive price estimates.

Grouping Items Option for Quotation

The quotation tool now allows for grouping items based on customer choice. This feature results in a quotation report with a compact and summarized layout, which is particularly useful during the bidding stage.

Linking Multiple Fabrication Orders to a Supplier Order

Users can now link multiple fabrication orders to a single supplier order. This streamlines the procurement of requested materials, simplifies stock traceability, and enhances overall efficiency.

Direct Item-NC link

Advance Workshop Steel 2025 supports the direct attachment of NC, SMLX or GTCX files to an item. This functionality facilitates the production for stock requirements, ensuring seamless integration and improved production planning.

What’s New in Advance Workshop Steel 2025 | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

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