What’s New in Autodesk Inventor 2018 – Assemblies

24 April 2017All, Manufacturing


What’s New in Autodesk Inventor 2018 – Assemblies

Shrinkwrap and BIM Content Enhancements

Shrinkwrap tools have been enhanced for more control, improved user interface, and an improved workflow. The following are highlights of those improvements:

Access: Shrinkwrap is immediately accessible on the Assembly tab in the Simplification panel.

On first use of Shrinkwrap, for those acquainted with the legacy behavior, you will notice the consolidation of the dialog boxes. There is a single dialog box with three tabs.

  • Components tab – contains the document level information such as representations and the choices you have for removing components.
  • Features tab – contains the choices for easily defining which features to remove from the shrinkwrap part. You can retain specific feature types, remove them, or remove them by a range value. Additionally there are tools to help detect and preserve features.
  • Create tab – contains the file related information, shrinkwrap style, and other settings.

Highlights of the improved workflow:

  • Remove components that are invisible and/or within a specified size range and (optionally) interactively select those you want to keep.
  • Remove all part features (hole/pocket/fillet/chamfer) or within a specified size range; and (optionally) interactively select those you want to keep.
  • View the component sets to be kept or discarded (Included and Excluded Components), and quickly move components from one set to the other.
  • Edit the resulting simplified component using the same workflow you used to create it.
  • Update the resulting component when the source assembly changes, including non-Inventor models.

For more information about Shrinkwrap see Shrinkwrap assemblies and its child topics
Shrinkwrap Substitutes also use this new workflow.

Related Changes

In Assembly documents, the Simplify tab has been retired and the commands moved to the Simplification panel. The Simplification panel was formerly the Simplify panel.

The Shrinkwrap changes also apply to the LOD New Substitute using Shrinkwrap process.

Inventor to Revit RFA Workflow

The Inventor to Revit RFA workflow incorporates the new Shrinkwrap workflow.

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