Why You Need to Build Your Digital Skills

22 July 2021AEC, All, Digital Transformationdigital transformation, learning, skills



Technology disruption is not an event. Rather, it is a series of changes that, while disconcerting at the time, end up making our jobs and lives more streamlined.

Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), drones, robots, and artificial intelligence (AI) may all seem to represent the threat of edging out humans in the workforce. However, as we learned from previous industrial revolutions, technology causes a shift in the types of human jobs, rather than replacing humans. An economic analysis by Boston Consulting Group indicated that jobs lost to automation in the next decade will be overshadowed by the number of jobs created. Technology can actually unleash human potential.

But the new jobs – some of which don’t even exist yet – will require different skill sets. If the workforce isn’t sufficiently trained to move into these jobs, we will face another labor shortage – this time a tech labor shortage.

If you are not near enough to retirement to shrug off these changes, or if you’re not already a technology whiz, then it’s time to build your digital skills so you can remain relevant in the years ahead.

Embrace lifelong learning

Employees: Learn how to use the new technologies and innovations in your industry.

Employers: Offer certifications, coaching and training.

Develop new skills

  • AR and/or VR specialist
  • Coding
  • Creative force behind AI computations
  • Cooperative labor alongside robots
  • Robotics management
  • Problem solving
  • Robotics maintenance
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial talent

Some aptitudes that will be needed in the future are “people” focused, like interpersonal relationships, self-management and technology development. Whether digital or people-focused, the new skills you acquire may help you do your current job better, help you move to an entirely new role at your company or even move to a new job at a different company.

If the company you work for is like most, you will be expected to gain your new proficiencies while on the job. In this fast-changing job market, it’s best to get started right away building the skills that will enable you to be a relevant contributor in tomorrow’s workforce.

Need a partner to help you decide which digital skills are best for your situation? Contact Applied Software today and talk with an industry-experienced expert about how to build upon your skill set.



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