Your construction company may be like many others who are relying on more advanced technology solutions to serve distinct teams and workflows, yet finding it increasingly difficult to keep them all coordinated and in sync.

The industry abounds with point solutions, many of which don’t talk to each other. The downfall of using these point solutions is the struggle to transfer the same information among multiple systems. When solutions are not integrated, information does not get shared. This drags down productivity and increases the total cost of ownership of those point solutions.

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Integrating information so everyone can exchange and use the same data has really been the ideal scenario in construction. In fact, it’s one of the biggest challenges construction companies have historically faced and, therefore, one of the chief reasons for mistakes that end up in costly rework. Getting project teams on the same page and reducing or eliminating rework have become critical objectives for companies that want to stay competitive. The level of importance for these objectives rises in proportion to the pressure to produce more in a shorter timeframe.

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One new product on the market that connects platforms and apps is Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Connect. As described by Autodesk, ACC Connect makes application integrations easier.

To learn more about ACC Connect, contact Applied Software, Graitec Group today. Connect can help you manage application integrations and increase productivity.

Connect provides a connected experience across the applications a company uses. It gives real-time access to critical data found in plans, progress photos and reports to everyone that needs it, regardless of which application is being used.

Referred to as an iPaaS (integration platform as a service), Connect is a set of automated tools that integrate software applications deployed in different environments. It includes a library that allows the user to build integrations among over 200 applications in one place. Connect enables easy connection to a company’s most important applications.

The current version of Connect is compatible with Autodesk® Build and BIM 360.

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Connected construction data, image: Shutterstock

As described by Autodesk, following are examples of apps that Connect currently works with:

  • Cloud storage apps like SharePoint and Egnyte;
  • Project management apps like Smartsheet and Asana;
  • Performance tracking apps Rhumbix, QuickBooks Time and ClickUp.

ACC Connect enables interoperable workflows among architects, engineers and contractors. Teams can stay informed on deliverables, field activities, changes, and status updates. In addition to better workflows, having connected data produces a project with less overall risk.

Considering the changing customer demands, supply chain issues and economics of the construction industry, companies like yours need new ways to do business. As data exchange and information integration become more achievable, your company can face industry challenges more confidently. When using a tool like Connect, your project data can be integrated, providing teams the most up-to-date information to work from. The result for you can be an increase in productivity, better bottom line and a more competitive company.

Learn more about Autodesk Construction Cloud in the free Applied Software, Graitec Group eBook: “The Importance of a Common Data Environment.”


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