You Think You Have Issues?

3 March 2021All, BIM 360, RevitUnified Platform


You Think You Have Issues?

A ground-breaking new feature of BIM 360 allows “Issues” created in BIM 360 to be reviewed live in REVIT using a free plugin through the Autodesk App Store. This new offering from Autodesk Construction Cloud and Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collections is called the “Revit Issues Add-in.” Before this new feature was available, when issues arose, the responsible team member had to be notified by email that an issue needed to be addressed and review and respond to the issue only through the BIM 360 online portal.

The Revit Issues Add-in is included with all BIM 360 and Unified Platform subscriptions. This includes Document Management, Design Collaboration, Model Coordination, and Build! It is installed separately and works with Revit versions 2020 and 2021.

NOTE: AutoCAD models can be uploaded to BIM 360, and issues can be assigned. But those issues cannot be viewed live. They can only be viewed inside of the local Revit model, not in the cloud.

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Every day, construction teams around the world assign designers the task of addressing design issues discovered during model coordination. With the Revit Issues Add-in, designers, engineers and construction teams can now collaborate seamlessly and resolve design issues faster than ever.

With the Revit Issues Add-in, you can view, open and even edit BIM 360 Issues directly in Revit in real-time. Those include BIM 360 issues created using Navisworks Manage, BIM 360 Model Coordination or BIM 360 Docs. You can easily sort issues and filter issues by assignee, priority or due dates. By selecting the issue, you will see the same camera view in Revit that model coordinators see in BIM 360. You can then update the Revit model and answer the BIM 360 issue all in real-time from within Revit.

A typical workflow using the Revit Issues Add-in might include using BIM 360 Design for design collaboration and BIM 360 Coordinate for model coordination, aka. clash detection, which can be run on as many or as few models as the user desires.

Project engineers use Model Coordination inside BIM 360 Coordinate for clash detection. Once clashes are detected, the model can be accessed, and a matrix is automatically generated showing the number and types of clashes in the model. The model itself will show each clash location highlighted in color against the rest of the model in gray. An issue tracking log is also created by the tool. 

Once the issue is addressed, the update is synchronized to and saved in the central file of the live model. The clash matrix is updated to remove the clash, and the issues log indicates that the issue was answered.

Because it takes place in the cloud, this workflow of addressing design issues discovered during model coordination can be accomplished by team members working remotely from anywhere. The information saved in the central file can be shared with everyone, and a record of every transaction has been created.

BIM 360 is one of the hottest software tools in the industry today, and Applied Software can supply the expert help you need to implement BIM 360 successfully. To explore a partnership with Applied, contact us today and talk to a BIM 360 services expert.



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