You’ve Got Access – Use the Full AEC Collection

18 March 2020All, Architecture and Engineering, Construction


You’ve Got Access – Use the Full AEC Collection

Technology continues to advance at a breakneck speed. It’s getting harder to keep up with tech developments and decide what’s worth investing in and what’s not. What if you had a whole stable full of products available and already paid for that you could choose from?

It was around 2016 when Autodesk began encouraging its software users to upgrade to the new industry product collections. It sounded exciting, and the upgrade price was unbelievably reasonable. There were dozens of products in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Collection. That was essentially a lot of FREE software. Riding that wave of optimism, thousands of software users upgraded to the AEC Collection between 2016 and 2019. Trouble was, not many of them were using more than one or two products at the time, so there was not an intuitive transition for them to actually use that “free” software. Most of the additional products they were entitled to essentially went “to waste” and were never downloaded and used. Maybe you were one of those users riding that wave, and when it hit the shore, the excitement had subsided.

If you persevered in your optimism and still have AEC Collection(s), following is a list of the integrated software products that are available to you for download:

  • Civil 3D – civil infrastructure design and documentation.
  • Recap Pro – reality capture for 3D models using imported photos and laser scans.
  • Vehicle Tracking – transportation analysis and design for vehicle swept paths.
  • 3ds Max – tool for 3D modeling, animation and rendering of models and designs.
  • Advance Steel – 3D modeling for steel design, fabrication and construction.
  • AutoCAD – 2D and 3D computer-aided drafting.
  • Autodesk Drive – cloud storage and file sharing solution.
  • Autodesk Rendering – enables use of computing power in the cloud to create high-resolution renderings.
  • Dynamo Studio – standalone visual logic programming environment.
  • FormIt – 3D editing tool that allows design changes without remodeling.
  • Fabrication CADmep – supports MEP detailing workflows for more constructible models.
  • InfraWorks – geospatial and engineering platform for planning, design and analysis.
  • Insight – performs analysis of energy use and building performance.
  • Navisworks – clash detection and advanced design/model coordination.
  • Revit – BIM software for complete model-based building designs.
  • Revit Live – turns Revit models into an immersive experience.
  • Robot Structural Analysis Pro – BIM-integrated structural analysis to simulate structural loads.
  • Structural Bridge Design – integrated loading, analysis and code-checking for small to medium-span bridges.

That’s a list of 18 products. Not only can it be a little overwhelming, many users don’t know where to start in deciding which ones their workflows can benefit from. According to Kenneth L. Driscol, Applied Software Senior Specialist, if you’re only using one or two products in the AEC Collection, your work is being developed in a “silo.” In a Project Amelia interview, Kenneth explains that using the AEC Collection products together will improve your efficiency, safety, quality, and, ultimately, competitiveness.

Kenneth advises that, while you may be tempted to use non-Autodesk products you’ve heard about that are supposedly easier to use to help your workflow, chances are they won’t communicate well with each other. And that takes the “easier to use” notion out of the equation. Instead, invest in your workflow by learning how to use the complementary Autodesk products you already have access to for better efficiency and productivity. They’ll enable you to make better decisions with your designs.

Applied Software has a renowned group of engineers, architects and technicians on staff with real-world experience who have used all of the software products in the AEC Collection. They can advise and train you and your staff to more fully use the specific products that best suit your company’s individual requirements. Contact Applied Software today and begin to build the relationship that will help you get the best return on your technology investment.

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