Cost Management in a Central Location

With Autodesk Build, general contractors can connect data across contracts, change orders, and payment application workflows. This provides full visibility into cost impacts and seamlessly integrates with the accounting system for quick and accurate decisions.

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See Risk Instantly

Get better forecasting with instant visibility into cost impacts in real time.

Enhance Accounting Collaboration

Improve processes and make more informed decisions quickly by synchronizing critical financial data.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Improve processes and make more informed decisions quickly by synchronizing critical financial data.

Faster Change Order Management

Ensure nothing slips through the cracks with centralized upstream and downstream change order workflows.

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Connecting Time & Cost

Improved your cash flow forecasting by connecting schedule tasks from the schedule tool with budget items in Cost Management.

Connect Workflows

Retain critical context by elevating an RFI/issue to PCO and reference cost data across project management workflows.

Cost Management | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

Supported Cost Management Workflows


1. Change Order Management


2. Forecasting and cashflow


3. Budget & contract mgmt.


4. Expense management


5. Performance tracking


6. Payment applications


7. Reporting

Common Challenges

No real-time visibility | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group
Documenting and tracking constant change | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group
Keeping contracts up to date | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group
Connecting your schedule to your budget | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group
Disconnect between accounting and operations | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group
  • Solution: Real-time access to up-to-date-communication

    Linking all necessary spreadsheets can be arduous, if not impossible. An integrated cost management solution allows teams to centralize all cost activities in the cloud, providing an accurate view of project costs.

  • Solution: Streamlined and centralized change management

    Streamlined upstream and downstream change order workflows create clear accountability and ensure company defined processes are completed. Throughout the entire process, a detailed activity log is captured for audit purposes.


    Switching to a comprehensive cloud-based platform allows teams to leverage custom document templates to standardize and auto-generate contracts and payment documentation.

  • Solution: Integrated schedule and budget management

    With an integrated platform, teams can visually plan time-based allowances and align them with the overall project schedule. This type of cost management tool allows you to manage budgets and associated sub-items by adding start and end dates, ratios of time changed, associated unit costs and more, displayed in a Gantt chart.


    With a software platform that integrates your existing tools, the right data will move freely from ERPs and other project management tools into your cost management solution. This eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, removes the risk of human-generated mistakes, increases transparency of needed information, and streamlines workflows.

Sync Autodesk Cost Management with your Accounting/ERP Software

Elevate your construction management experience with GRAITEC Data Connect, the ultimate cloud solution for seamless data integration.

Bridge the gap between Autodesk Construction Cloud’s Cost Management software and industry’s leading ERP applications widely employed in construction today.

Enhance efficiency and streamline processes by enabling project and finance teams with the right applications for their job.

No more duplicate data entry. Bring real-time accurate information directly into your preferred system.

Cost Management | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

The Cloud’s Critical Role in Construction Cost Control

Learn how to improve profitability and reduce risks with cloud-based software.


Connected construction cost workflows reduce data loss and increase access to critical information.

Improve construction cost control by managing cost activities in the software used for project management and field activities, streamlining construction project workflows and connecting data.

Create a PCO from an RFI

Create a Potential Change Order directly from an RFI, reducing data entry and capturing the origin of change orders.

Link Cost Items in Meetings

Link change orders directly to meeting items to improve the visibility and accessibility of critical construction cost information.

Access Cost Information

Role-based permission settings let you control how owners and suppliers view cost management items.



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