Learn how to Design and Code-check simple to complex steel connections in minutes


7 December 2023 - 7 December 2023 | 2:00 PM ET | Duration : 1 Hour


Structural engineering is entering an era where precision and efficiency are paramount. Dive into a transformative tool that has set global benchmarks in simulating fasteners and complex connections. Discover why top industry leaders are leveraging this breakthrough to ensure impeccable designs and unmatched efficiency.

Key Benefits:
• Unparalleled Precision: Delve into how this tool allows engineers and designers to calculate intricate assemblies that were previously estimated, ensuring designs that are robust and accurate.
• Remarkable Time Savings: Explore real-world case studies where what took a week is now optimized in half a day, translating into faster project deliveries and cost savings.
• Insightful Visuals: Experience a visual presentation of results, shedding light on overlooked behaviors, ensuring comprehensive evaluations.
• Seamless Compliance & Integration: Grasp the benefits of automatic compliance checks as per North American codes, coupled with seamless BIM integration capabilities with leading platforms.

Key Talking Points:
1. The Evolution of Connection Modelling: Understanding the significance and potential of finite element modelling in today’s engineering landscape.
2. Maximizing ROI: A look into the tangible and intangible returns that firms are witnessing by adopting this forefront tool.
3. Integrative Engineering: The significance of BIM integrations and how they’re shaping collaborative engineering endeavors.
4. Visualizing Success: Leveraging insightful visual representations for better decision-making and enhanced communication.

Unveil the future of structural engineering where precision, efficiency, and integration coalesce for unmatched results. Equip yourself with knowledge and tools that are not just enhancing designs but reshaping the very fabric of engineering outcomes.

This Webinar is For:
• Structural Engineers: Professionals seeking to enhance their design accuracy and adopt best-in-class tools for optimum re…