Unlocking Automation in Architecture: Metrics, Methods, & Milestones


28 November 2023 - 28 November 2023 | 11:00 AM ET | Duration : 1 Hour


In an era where efficiency is paramount, the architecture industry is ripe for revolutionary changes through automation. This illuminating session will explore the quantifiable opportunities for automation in architectural workflows, providing attendees with a roadmap to harness its transformative potential.

Key Discussion Points:
• Identifying Automation Avenues: Dive into the critical aspects of architectural design and project management that can be automated, from concept generation to documentation.
• Metrics that Matter: Unpack the metrics that can measure the effectiveness and ROI of automation initiatives in architectural processes.
• Success Stories: Hear firsthand from a Principal of a leading architectural firm about their journey towards automation, the challenges faced, and the tangible impacts on their business outcomes.
• Future-Proofing Your Firm: Discuss strategies to ensure that as technology evolves, your firm remains at the forefront of leveraging new automation capabilities.
• Engaging & Upskilling Teams: Embrace change management strategies to guide teams through the transition, ensuring their skills align with the demands of an automated workflow.
This Webinar is For:
• Architects & Designers: Professionals consistently working with design iterations, seeking efficient and automated tools for improved outcomes.
• Project Managers: Individuals managing timelines and workflows who can benefit from automation for enhanced efficiency and precision.
• Principals & Firm Owners: Decision-makers considering investments in automation technologies and processes to elevate their firm’s competitiveness and profitability.
• IT Professionals in Architectural Firms: Those tasked with evaluating, implementing, and maintaining automation tools and platforms.
• Architectural Consultants: Experts providing guidance to firms, looking to understand the quantifiable benefits of automation for tailored recommendations.