What's New in Advance Workshop Steel 2024


5 December 2023 - 5 December 2023 | 1:00 PM ET | Duration : 1 Hour


In this webinar, discover the new features in our latest version of our manufacturing execution system – Advance Workshop Steel 2024-V20, part of the Graitec fabricate suite.

GRAITEC has continuously strived to provide first-rate advancements for innovative software solutions to its valued customers, and the recent launch of this new upgraded product range for 2024 is no exception, proving they are still top of their game in terms of providing top-level Construction, AEC, Building Design and Fabrication software solutions worldwide.

This version 2024-V20 of Advance Workshop Steel is enhanced with a lot of user-centric new functionalities with high end benefits, and it’s articulated around a few main subjects:

Section 2: Steel Detailing
The new detailing UI has been developed to meet the needs of service centres that do not have a design office and need to create their own steel elements quickly without external modelling software.

Section 3: External Nesting Software
Advance Workshop now offers the possibility to export and import to external nesting solutions to be able to accommodate steel fabricators with their current nesting software.

Section 4: CAD Editor – Steel Part Editing Module
The Cad Editor or Part Editor module is a new 3D CAD tool that allows you to view a part in 3D and add, modify, or delete features.

Section 5: Steel Range Items
This allows greater flexibility for the user by giving a designation of items that makes sense for the company and will also allow more detailed statistics on the type of items produced.

Section 6: Steel Item Simplification:
In our latest release, this new feature allows users to create multiple Steel items with ease.
Version 2024-V20 of Advance Workshop Steel also comes with a vasty number of improvements and adjustments following the feedback received from thousands of users worldwide.