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Advance Workshop Rebar assists you in the daily management of your rebar workshop(s). It facilitates the organization of exchanges between the office, factory and construction site thanks to its broad functional coverage.
You are set up from day one with an intuitive rebar industry hardware which anticipates your requirements, so every fabrication related task is already automated. The solution connects with all known ERP providers so information can be combined eliminating the double inputting of your data.
Steel Precast Advance Workshop

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Why use Advance Workshop Rebar

Your main activity is the manufacture of rebars, and your issue is being able to deliver on time to your customers, while controlling your productivity and costs?

We provide an ERP and MES solution to increase your productivity and helping you simplify your organization and optimize your time, cost, and waste.
It is a comprehensive solution covering most of your functionalities in your processes: technical and sales management, detailing, workshop optimization, production schedule, machine downloading, organization of delivery runs, advanced stock management, quality assurance, web application to maintain a permanent connection with the construction sites, and interfaces with third-party software.

You have complete control over your production and management of your manufacturing process. Our end-to-end solution gives you full traceability at every stage of your construction process right from raw material acceptance, the client order, manufacture through to delivery.

Advance Workshop Rebar OVERVIEW

Stock management and traceability

Compatibility with your machines (Schnell, MEP, EVG, Schilt)

Automatic drawing importation from BIM IFC

Detailing management assembly

o   Barmark list

o   Macro designer

o   Welding scheme

Macro BVBS

Optimisation of cutting rebar benches

Advance Workshop Rebar | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

The 5 key benefits of Advance Workshop Rebar

Automation your drawings detailing

Minimize your Bars scraps

Increases your capacity and productivity of machines system

Automation of Average Weighted Price calculation

Constant follow-up of your loading product

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Advance Workshop Rebar | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

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Advance Workshop

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Advance Workshop is a manufacturing execution system (MES) developed for the rebar, steel, and precast fabrication industries.