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Revit is a collection of tools for designers across the construction industry. Revit tools are specifically designed for architectural, structural engineering, mechanical, and electrical design. Revit also supports the coordination of multi-discipline models.

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Why use Revit

Used by architects, engineers, contractors, and builders to design, visualize and simulate building projects using real-world intelligent components in models that can be shared.

BIM Coordination

Better coordinate the architectural model and unify with other disciplines, such as the structural model and MEP designs.

Architectural Modeling

Add intelligent architectural elements to the model including walls, doors, windows, and custom components.

Structural Steel Modeling

Model connections with a high level of detail using the built-in and custom parametric steel connections.

HVAC Design and Documentation

Generate complex pipe and duct systems, while using the internal flow analysis tools.

Conceptual Design Tools

Sketch and create freeform models and use the built-in massing study tools to further enhance your ideas.


Benefit from automatic schedules that enable the addition of complex formulas to further enhance the information required.

Revit | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

How to Keep Your Job With Revit

Life can become unnecessarily frustrating and stressful when your Revit models are bloated, corrupt, and difficult to navigate. This document points out common errors that even experienced Revit users make and offers ways to avoid them to keep file sizes small, data integrity intact.
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Revit | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

The 5 key benefits of Revit

See the big picture by coordinating your designs with other disciplines.

Benefit from a true 3D environment when designing electrical, mechanical and pipework components.

Generate an intelligent design using architectural modeling tools.

Minimize wasted time and errors with automated creation of complex schedules.

Automate tasks using tools such as Dynamo and Generative Design.

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Revit | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

Need to go further with PowerPack for Revit?

PowerPack for Revit speeds up repetitive tasks and minimizes risk by reducing errors. Save time by using a large set of productivity tools that are highly customizable for superior automation.

Revit | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

Empower your software with Powerpack

PowerPack for Revit is speeding up repetive tasks with a large set of productivity tools, highly customizable to save time in several area. This high level of automation of the features minimize risk and reduce errors for several type of actions applied in the model.


Join or Unjoin connection
This specific feature will automatically
generate clean intersections, by creating
rules between categories (floor, wall, foundations).

Revit key features

Discover now how Revit can perfectly match your projects.
Our team of experts explains all and if you need a demo, please contact us.

Revit | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

BIM Coordination

Autodesk Revit enables you to streamline your whole design. In addition to that, the ability to unify the architectural model with other disciplines such as the structural model and MEP designs allows you to improve coordination and save time


Architectural Modelling

Autodesk Revit allows you to enrich your design model by adding intelligent architectural elements, including walls, doors, windows and custom components, to the design

Structural Steel Modelling

Autodesk Revit enables you to model connections in intricate detail, using the customised parametric steel connections that are built into the software


HVAC Design and Documentation

With Autodesk Revit, you can make use of internal flow analysis tools, while at the same time generating complex pipe and duct systems

Revit | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group
Revit | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

Conceptual Design Tools

Autodesk Revit allows you to both sketch and create freeform models and also build on these further by using the built-in massing study tools to enhance your ideas and develop them out into fully-formed design concepts



Autodesk Revit enables you to access automatic schedules and to add complex formulas to further enhance the design information you require

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How to keep your job using Revit

How to keep your job using Revit

The purpose of this document is to identify common pitfalls that need to be avoided, how to avoid them, and,…

Other features

Parametric Components
Place walls, doors and windows in an open, graphical and parameter-rich system for design and form-making

Import, export and link with commonly used BIM and CAD file formats, including IFC, 3DM, SKP, OBJ and more

Developer Tools and Solutions
Extend Revit functionality with Dynamo, API access, developer solutions and BIM content on the Autodesk App Store

3D Massing for Complex Form-making
Create site-specific form, profile and sketch studies within the Revit in-place massing environment and use loadable mass families to standardise and repeat geometry within a project

Save, sync, review and update work to a centrally shared model in the Revit project collaboration environment

Communicate design intent effectively with tools for tagging, dimensioning and illustrating in 2D and 3D

Generative Design in Revit
Evaluate and compare design alternatives at scale with Generative Design in Revit. Available exclusively to AEC Collection subscribers

Global Parameters
Embed design intent with project-wide parameters that work with radial and diameter dimensions and equality constraints

Standard and Customised Family Content
Load content from the Autodesk cloud into a Revit project or create your own libraries of building components

Personalisation and Customisation
Customise the user interface to fit with configurable keyboard shortcuts, ribbons and toolbars

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