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BIM 360 is a collection of tools to coordinate, build, and manage your project data in a cloud-based environment. It includes tools to assist in cost management, coordination, and quality/safety management.

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Why buy BIM 360

BIM 360 helps with all elements of projects related to construction management

BIM 360 Docs

Manage the project in one location and make use of review and markup capabilities


BIM 360 Design

Publish your design model within the cloud for review and coordination with project members.

BIM 360 Coordinate

Clash multiple models from different formats in real-time

BIM 360 Build

Get access to the cost and project management tools that are built into BIM 360 Build

BIM Level 2 Compliancy

Set up your system to deliver a BIM Level 2 project

Multiple Projects

Have multiple projects held in the cloud at any one time

BIM 360 | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

The 5 key benefits of BIM 360

  • Attain easy access to a collection of construction management tools
  • Deliver real-time clash detection
  • Link to Revit, Civil 3D and Plant 3D
  • Project and cost management tools
  • Quality and safety management tools

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BIM 360 | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

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BIM 360 key features

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BIM 360 | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

BIM 360 Docs

The BIM 360 Docs tool helps you leverage a wide range of review capabilities while also managing a complete project from a single location.



BIM 360 Design

BIM 360 Design enables you to share design models with others in order both to drive enhanced collaboration and accelerate time to value.

BIM 360 Coordinate

BIM 360 Coordinate supports your design team’s experimentation, enabling you to clash multiple models from different formats in real-time.


BIM 360 Build

The BIM 360 Build solution gives you access to built-in cost and project management tools. This helps to ensure that your project budgets remain under tight control and that projects run to time.

BIM 360 | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group
BIM 360 | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

BIM Level 2 Compliancy

Thanks to the BIM 360 software solution, you can set up your entire system to deliver a BIM Level 2 project efficiently and fully compliant.


Multiple Projects

Using the BIM 360 software solution allows you to hold multiple projects in the cloud at any one time. This helps to support collaboration and efficiency across teams while also driving up project productivity.

Other features

Account Administration
Manage account level details, projects, companies involved, and member permissions

Project Administration
Manage project-specific details, including services, companies, and members

Document Management
Store and collaborate on all necessary files related to a project

View account and project analytics to assess risk, quality, and safety metrics

Project Home
View important, relevant, and actionable information from across BIM 360 services

Design Collaboration
Use project timelines, packages, and changes to keep up-to-date with other teams and companies

Field Management 
Manage on-site communication of checklists, issues, and daily logs

Model Coordination 
Publish, review, and run clash detection on your latest set of project models

Project Management 
Collaborate with your project team using RFIs and submittals

Cost Management 
Track cost and budget changes, coordinate change orders, and understand the impact of each potential change