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BIM Collaborate Pro software allows you to review design work, collaborate on models, co-author in Civil 3D, Revit, or Plant 3D, and manage full data exchange processes.

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Why use BIM Collaborate Pro?

BIM Collaborate Pro has the functionality of BIM Collaborate combined with the additional functionality of design products like Revit.

Document Management

Store, manage and review project documentation in one project location

Design Collaboration

Assess project changes, assign issues and track project progress

Model Coordination

Run automatic clashing across multiple models and group asset types

Revit Functionality

Share your model in Revit with anyone assigned to the project. Synchronise your changes in real-time

Civil 3D Functionality

Collaborate on Civil 3D files, data shortcuts and Xrefs from any location

Plant 3D Functionality

Manage permissions, view changes, and keep teams aligned

BIM Collaborate Pro, is cloud-based design collaboration and design management software that enables teams to:

  • Organize project data, democratize access, and connect.
  • Improve project visibility to deliver on time.
  • Work together on increasingly complex projects.
  • Co-author in Revit, Civil 3D, or Plant 3D

BIM Collaborate Pro | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

Ways to Deliver Better Projects – Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro

Maybe the most-asked question in the industry is: How can we deliver better projects? This eBook will go through the best BIM collaboration methods and tools.



BIM Collaborate Pro | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

The 5 key benefits of BIM Collaborate Pro

  • Manage projects from one central location
  • Automate clash detection and upload models from most file formats
  • Manage workflow control in real-time
  • Link to design tools, such as Revit, Civil 3D and Plant 3D
  • Share a Revit project over the cloud with multiple users

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BIM Collaborate Pro | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

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Bim Collaborate Pro key features

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BIM Collaborate Pro | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

Document Management

BIM Collaborate Pro allows you to store, manage and review project documentation in one project location. This ensures enhanced collaboration across projects and ensures the delivery of more accurate designs.


Design Collaboration

BIM Collaborate Pro enables project team leaders to assess project changes, assign issues, and track project progress to deliver enhanced control over the entire process.

Model Coordination

BIM Collaborate Pro runs automatic clash detection across multiple models and group asset types. This allows you to coordinate models efficiently and ensure accurate designs.


Revit Functionality

BIM Collaborate Pro helps design teams to benefit from enhanced Revit functionality. Not only can you share a model in Revit with anyone assigned to the project, but you can also synchronise changes in real-time.

BIM Collaborate Pro | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group
BIM Collaborate Pro | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

Civil 3D Functionality

BIM Collaborate Pro enables you to work with other designers on Civil 3D files and to access data shortcuts and Xrefs from any location.


Plant 3D Functionality

With BIM Collaborate Pro, you benefit from enhanced Plant 3D functionality. This solution enables project managers to exercise enhanced control through better management permissions, view changes, and team alignment.

Other features

Multidiscipline Design Collaboration
Holistically manage civil engineering, building design, and multidiscipline data by using project-based workflows in one environment

Project Templates
Streamline project setup by configuring settings in a project template for files, issues, forms, and roles.

Democratised Access to Design Data
Easily review designs in a web browser. Administer teams, projects, and accounts in one place.

Advanced Change Analytics
Predict how changes across disciplines will affect planned work by viewing and comparing any combination of models in 2D or 3D-even in previous versions.

Project Activity Tracking
Design leads can use the timeline view to interpret dates and content of shared design packages and data; in addition, they can create and consume packages on multidisciplinary projects by using just one interface.

Connected Issues
Easily identify and assign issues within a design for fast resolution. Use the issues add-ins to resolve issues assigned to you from the cloud directly in Revit or in Navisworks for closed-loop workflows.

Automated Clash Detection
Explore design options by running clash analysis against shared models in folders that are kept separate from live, ongoing work.

Project Insights
Track common issues throughout the design co-creation process and use the power of your own project data to improve planning and predictability.

Single Source of Truth
Store and manage all project data in one location to improve efficiency during handover, whether your data was generated in Revit, Civil 3D, or AutoCAD Plant 3D.

Revit Cloud Worksharing
Move worksharing to the cloud for faster, smoother Revit co-authoring. Use BIM (Building Information Modelling) data to improve downstream constructability.

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