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In a rapidly growing, data-driven market, DATA CONNECT solutions enable AEC organizations to connect disparate business systems, synchronizing project and financial data seamlessly. With DATA CONNECT, empower data efficiency through intuitive system integration and automation.


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A lack of data interoperability is a silent killer in construction


Of construction projects experience delays due to poor data integration potentially impacting client satisfaction and reputation

Dodge Data & Analytics


Of construction professionals cite a lack of real time data as a major hurdle to effective decision making resulting in confusion and delays



Represents the average decrease in productivity resulting from insufficient data and file collaboration, leading to unproductive and escalated expenses

McKinsey & Company

With DATA CONNECT solutions, achieve automated data integration and data synchronisation through dedicated apps ERP SYNC and FILE SYNC supported by specialist integration services to tailor bespoke data integration requirements

To avoid manual duplicate data entry and time-consuming file sharing that is prone to mistakes and unnecessary cost

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Empower Construction Project Managers and Finance teams to synchronize project financial data between Autodesk Build, Autodesk Cost management and Accounting / ERP systems.

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Empowering AEC Professionals to sync mission-critical project files between external storage and cloud systems and your internal systems for secure back up and protection purposes.

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Custom digital transformation tailored services and development to assist your unique data transfer requirements and support system migrations to help meet your business objectives.

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