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FinishLine Tools for Bluebeam is an integrated markup experience combined with a powerful design and layout engine.

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Why use Finishline Tools?


Eliminate the need for dual monitors and wasted time searching for markups. With FinishLine tools, the markups are projected directly into the authoring software and will have you completing your tasks in record time.


FinishLine eliminates any disconnect during design review by creating a seamless transition between designers and reviewers that allows projects to be completed quickly, accurately and on time.


FinishLine Exchange will save your teams over 3 minutes per markup while Finishline Automation can save over 5 minutes per element placement. The minutes per markup add up!


You can have confidence that all markups are captured. Reviewers can easily verify that they are both completed and accurate.


Reduce costly RFIs and change orders.

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FinishLine Exchange

Import and overlay PDF markups in AutoCAD and Revit with a click of a button.

  • Instant time savings of 3 to 5 minutes per markup versus tradition 2 screen work process. ​
  • No longer need 2 monitors to shuffle back and forth.​
  • Computer resources are not exhausted by running pdf authoring tool with Revit or AutoCAD. ​
  • Bridges the collaboration gap between teams that use pdf and design software. ​
  • Speeds collaboration and resolution of markups.​
  • Risk Management- Never miss a markup again.

FinishLine Automation

Place Families and System Components Content onto PDFs enabling one Click Insert into Revit.

Simple drag and drop or instant placement.​

  • Simple drag and drop or instant placement.​
  • Time savings of 5 to 10 minutes per family versus inserting in Revit without Automation capability. ​
  • Opens design door to non Revit users. Including C Suite and clients. ​
  • Architects align family names from Revit to PDF for import. ​
  • Works with system components content like mechanical electrical and plumbing. ​
  • Training takes minutes.

Features in Action

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