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FormIt Pro is a fully-intuitive 3D concept design tool with the added ability to run analysis and automate tasks using Autodesk Dynamo.

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Why buy FormIt Pro?

Design at conceptual stage with the enhanced tools that FormIt Pro provides.

Integrated Energy Analysis

Optimise the building performance at an early stage using insight gleaned from the tool

Visualisations and Materials

Use the enhanced Autodesk material library to help visualise your early design

Real-time Collaboration

Enable multiple users to work on the same model concurrently

Native RVT Support

Future-proof your early design so it can be used in Revit


Connect a Dynamo file to FormIt to enhance an existing toolset

Solar Analysis

Visualise the solar impact of heat gain on your model surfaces

FormIt Pro | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

The 5 key benefits of FormIt Pro
Use FormIt on multiple platforms

Take your model to Revit effectively

Simulate your model with solar and energy analysis

Use Dynamo to enhance your existing toolsets

Visualise your model using Autodesk materials

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FormIt Pro | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

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Formit Pro®

The FormIt architectural modeling software and app allows you to sketch, collaborate, analyse, and iterate early-stage design concepts via tablet or web browser.

FormIt Pro | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

Integrated Energy Analysis

FormIT Pro’s integrated energy analysis allows you to optimise the building performance at an early stage using insight gleaned from the tool.

Visualisations and Materials

The enhanced Autodesk material library available within FormIt Pro helps you to visualise your early designs.

Real-time Collaboration

With FormIt Pro, you can work across design and engineering teams to harness the solution’s real-time collaboration capability and enable multiple users to work on the same model concurrently. This helps to accelerate project workflows and deliver faster time to value.

Native RVT Support

You can use native RVT support, available in FormIt Pro, to help to future-proof your early designs for use in Revit.

FormIt Pro | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group
FormIt Pro | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group


Working as part of a design team, you can connect a Dynamo file to FormIt Pro to strengthen your existing toolset and deliver high-quality designs.

Solar Analysis

The FormIt Pro software solution enables you to visualise the solar impact of heat gain on the surfaces of your models. This helps you plot the likely real-world impact of sun on a building over time.

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