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FrameLab by StrucSoft is an early phase collaboration tool that allows MEP and structural teams to coordinate issues around openings, create critical masses, and generate documentation. Benefit from speedier workflows, reduced errors and less rework down the road with FrameLab software.

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Why use Framelab

FrameLab's features prevent the occurence of inter-trade clashes, especially between Structural and MEP teams, automate the creation of openings and critical masses, with reporting features to improve project wide collaboration during early phases.

Critical masses

Avoid spending hours or days creating openings manually. Automate the framing of entire levels in a matter of seconds.

No-fly zones

Decrease the frequency of inter-trade clashes by creating spatial barriers around specific elements in your framing model. Maintain sufficient spacing around said elements and prevent addition of new elements around sensitive zones.


Significantly improve MEP coordinatino by adding tolerances around framing components before critical MEP elements are placed. Define adequate spacing around equipment to ensure imrpoved access for post-construction repairability purposes.


Generates reports highlighting changes between different model versions, allowing teams to stay on top of modifications to metrics such as height, length, width, location and type of component. Export reports in PDF or .CSV format, as well as Autodesk® Construction Cloud (ACC docs)

Linked Models

Benefit from live data updates by working with linked models. Create elements on external platforms such as Autodesk® Construction Cloud without needing to download them. Provide external stakeholders access to models for reviewing constructability issues.

Clash detection

After visualizing models, creaing openings, and coordinating between teams, seamlessly upload FrameLab models to external clash detection platforms such as Navisworks or Autodesk® Construction cloud

FrameLab by StrucSoft | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

The 4 key benefits of Framelab

Increase speed of framing by elimating manual workflows.

Reduce re-work and implement FrameLab early in the design phase

Quarterly updates with numerous customer driven enhancements

Improve collaboration with our clash detection capabilities.


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FrameLab by StrucSoft | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

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