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Fusion 360 with FeatureCAM is an automated CAM software that creates CNC programming for a variety of CNC milling and turning machines, including multi-axis machining.

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Why use Fusion 360 FeatureCAM

Powerful, automated CNC programming combined with parametric modelling in one software package

Automated CNC Programming

Reduce part programming time and repetitive tasks by using automated feature recognition

Collision Avoidance

Check that the tool and holder are sufficiently clear to safely cut your part

CNC Milling Applications

Benefit from support for 3-, 4-, and 5- axis CNC mills as well as CNC turning and Swiss-type lathes

Parametric Modelling

Create 3D designs using parameters for easier editing and greater flexibility

Collaborating your Design

Collaborate your designs and communicate online with your team and external stakeholders in real-time


Easily generate and simulate toolpaths and material removal to verify machining process


Fusion 360 FeatureCAM | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

The 5 key benefits of Fusion 360 featureCAM

Faster CNC programming with automated feature recognition

Avoid costly collisions with built-in collision detection

Easily edit parts with built-in parametric modelling

Provide support for a range of machining types

Simulate toolpaths and material removal to ensure all features are machined

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Fusion 360 FeatureCAM | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

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