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KnowledgeSmart develops online skills assessment and survey tools to help businesses capture knowledge on a wide range of software tools, workflows, and standards.


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Revit Architecture Xpress Revit

Architecture Fundamentals Revit

Architecture Advanced Revit

Architecture Content Creation

Revit Architecture Interiors

Graphisoft ArchiCAD Fundamentals

BIM Management

Practical BIM Fundamentals

AEC Layer/Level Standards

BIM Authoring with Revit

Project Process (Revit)

BIM Coordination (Revit)

BIM Software Management (Revit)

Structural Engineering

Revit Structure Xpress

Revit Fundamentals

Revit Advanced

Bentley AECOsim Building Designer


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KnowledgeSmart enables your company to worker smarter, not harder. By holistically accessing the needs of your company, KnowledgeSmart is able to save you both time and money by offering your company the training it needs and nothing else.

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