AutoCAD Plant 3D Roadmap Workshop Sample Submission

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Capture goals and define outcomes so you can have a more productive and profitable Plant project.

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Plant Roadmap Workshop Sample Submission

We are excited to help you discover your path to success. One key element of that is making sure we can properly review your project templates, standard and specs. Let’s walk through the process of what you need for submitting samples.

Sharing Existing Information

Review our guide for sharing Plant 3d configurations to get detailed steps on the upload process.

  • Issues
  • Reports
  • Project Template – the backbone of all successful Plant 3D implementation is the project template.
  • Catalogs and Specs – you have (or will) invest in building a library of parts you need for your design work. We’d like to look at 3
  • 5 pipe specs to review your process for creating content.
  • Drawings ( P&ID Symbols, GA, plans and section, isometrics, pipe support details).
  • Navisworks files
  • CAD Standards
  • Custom Applications list and feature descriptions
  • Datasheets, loop


Most of our clients who have used Plant 3D for any period of time have a list of things they have questions about or need some clarity on. We’d love to get your Excel spreadsheet of those items and work through those to resolve them. Feel free to use our template, if you don’t have one already. If you fill in the descriptions, we’ll handle the rest.

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File Selection

We’ll provide an upload location with the following structure:

  • Issues.xlsx
  • Reports
  • Project Template
  • Catalogs
  • Specs
  • Deliverables

The Issues spreadsheet will be at the top level for visibility (feel free to replace the blank if you have filled it out), and the rest of the items will be pre-defined folders.

File Upload

After purchasing the Plant Roadmap Workshop, one of our team members will send you a link to upload folders.

If necessary, send us any NDA required, we’ll gladly sign to be able to review your files.

See Example Workshop Report

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AutoCAD Plant 3D Roadmap Workshop Sample Submission | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

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