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Save time by modeling fully detailed stairs and railings in Advance Steel,
backed by Free expert support on Advance Steel!

Increase your productivity in Advance Steel. Create intuitive, customized, automatic model drawings. Automatically calculate and create 3D stairs and railings models, with accurate technical documentation and customizable outputs.


84% agree that PowerPack has helped improve efficiency

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1 Optimize your design process.


2 Save time and improve efficiency when designing and modeling complex stair and railing systems for steel structures.


3 Use predefined templates for creating custom stairs and railings or start from scratch.


4 Streamline design and construction with automatically generated detailed drawings and documentation.


5 Unlock the full potential of Autodesk Advance Steel with PowerPack, plus benefit from free, expert support to optimize your Advance Steel experience

5 Key benefits of PowerPack Stairs & Railings for Advance Steel

Boost efficiency with streamlined design. | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group
Enhance workflows with custom design. | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group
Optimize designs. | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group
Enhance integration and teamwork. | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group
Support and updates | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group
  • Save time on workflows. Increase efficiency on design and construction of steel structures, including vertical circulation systems of stairs and railings.

  • Distinguish your project with customized stairs and railings. Create custom designs that meet project requirements and impress customers.

  • Reduce manual work and improve accuracy. Automatically generate detailed drawings and documentation.

  • Enhance collaboration with other teams and stakeholders. Integrate with other Autodesk products and export data in various formats.

  • Stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the latest features and improvements in your design workflow. Access expert support from GRAITEC and benefit from regular software updates.

PowerPack for Advance Steel – Stairs and Railings | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

Our customers say it best

Powerpack Stairs and Railings has been a great benefit for me […] with great speed and accuracy.

Eddie Howie, self-employed structural detailer

I would say that about 90% of my work is stairs and handrails. Powerpack Stairs and Railings has been a great benefit for me to produce stairs and railing with great speed and accuracy. I would recommend Advance steel operators that do stairs and railings look into this add on – you will benefit greatly.

Benefit: Faster and more accurate stairs and railings.

Stairs and Railings feature of PowerPack has been a real game changer.

Mick Allitt, Drafter, C & N Fabrications Ltd

As a company that manufactures a lot of architectural steel work, the Stairs and Railings feature of PowerPack has been a real game changer. Being able to model types of balustrades that could not be done automatically for multiple flights of stairs and landings in one macro, with the ability to control almost everything, saves a significant amount of time.

Benefit: Save significant time.

Complement and balance your projects perfectly
with PowerPack Stairs & Railings for Advance Steel

Stairs for any construction project

Design with more versatility and efficiency. The Stairs module provides a range of straight stair configurations for any construction project. Customizable frames can be easily edited and modified, with one-, two-, and three-flight options and Z or U shapes. Landings include plates or gratings; stringers can be open or closed sections.

Aesthetics in design

Design to please your customer with Balanced Stairs. Versatile, flexible and aesthetic options enable one, two, or three flights, with Z or U shapes. Combine safety with attractive appearance. Design for open or closed stringers made from beams or plates.

Magic Tree for macros

Design complex structures like magic. GRAITEC ‘Magic Tree’ enables easy navigation of complex macrostructures. Work faster with multiple access points to elements and sub-elements. Transfer parameters among a series of items, affecting only elements on specific branches. Gain flexibility, detail control, and better interaction and flow. Navigate your macrostructures reliably.

Powerful standard railings

Enhance the safety, functionality, and aesthetic value of your structures with versatile railings. Visualize your railings in detail with professional 3D model display. Create and control, using points, lines or beams as input. Vary connections and customize railings with frames and panels. Control post positioning and alter ending types, split mechanisms, fixing lugs, and cap plates.

Reliable infill panels

Optimize railing designs with customizable, reliable infill panels. Enhance safety and aesthetics, while customizing to specific needs. Customize posts with clamps, pickets, plates, or gratings using any material. Automatically shape and get seamless transitions from straight to slope. Vary frame size, thickness, reinforcement, cap plates, fixing lugs, and connection types.

Versatile wall-mounted railings

Distinguish your work through greater flexibility in design. Architects and designers offer clients flexible options with customizable railings. Mounted on walls or wooden posts, they can be defined in multiple ways, positioned at any angle, and have various connector options.

PowerPack for Advance Steel – Stairs and Railings | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

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