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Design furniture of any complexity level and from any material

Woodwork for Inventor is a furniture design software developed specifically for woodworkers and fully integrated into Autodesk Inventor®.

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Why choose Woodwork for Inventor?

Woodwork for Inventor adds to your Autodesk Inventor software

Although Autodesk Inventor is a very powerful design engine, it doesn‘t provide tools for specific industries like the furniture design industry.

The Woodwork for Inventor  team understands the specific needs of woodworkers and which aspects of the regular modeling workflow takes the most time to do. So they focused on those issues to offer you a great software solution.

Woodwork for Inventor is built around the skeletal modeling design approach which is ideal for the rapid prototyping nature of panel design.


iBox technology lifts Woodwork for Autodesk Inventor to the next level.

It is built around the use of pre-defined assemblies with woodworking functionality built into them. iBox allows to stretch, to shrink and it‘s all based according to the design conditions that you‘ve set. And user can author or publish their standard product into the iBox technology. Moreover, users can create their own iBox library which will be major advantage.

Woodwork for Inventor provides highly flexible wood material management

Woodwork for Inventor is highly flexible in wood material management. It allows you to work with various material profiles and cover material types.

You will also find that Woodwork for Inventor covers:

  • Unified hardware items library with automated component placement, automatic sculpt and subtraction for hole fittings and connection joints. Automatic generation of Furniture design industry-tailored BOM (Bill of Materials);
  • Automatic drawings generation;
  • CNC programs; and much more.

It is used by the world’s most forward-thinking and prestigious designers. Versatility and variety of industries that Woodwork for Inventor is used in are impressive – Italian boutique furniture designers, residential kitchens designers, commercial shopfront fitters.

Woodwork for inventor is ideal for you if:

  • You produce complex furniture from different materials.
  • The design time takes up the most of the total order lead time.
  • The majority of orders are custom, thus need to be designed from scratch.

Woodwork for Inventor Features

  • NESTING – Solution for automatic generation of Nested – based CNC programs.
  • DRESSING UP THE SKELETON BODY WITH BOARDS – Section, board, assembly, etc.
  • MATERIAL ASSIGNMENT – Fillings, coatings, multi-layer boards, composite parts, etc.
  • MULTIPLICATION ARRANGEMENT OF FURNITURE HARDWARE – Components, axes defining the hardware position, component database, etc.
  • AUTOMATIC GENERATION OF MORTISES AND TENONS – Components, holes, joints, etc.
  • IBOX COMPONENTS – Multi-body Skeleton design, kitchen design, etc.
  • SIZE CALCULATIONS OF PART AND BLANK – Texture direction, overlaps, added coating, sunk coating
  • EXPORT TO CUTTING OPTIMISATION PROGRAM – List of cutting parts, cutrite, etc.
  • BILL OF MATERIALS GENERATOR – Product structure, list of cutting parts, erp, etc.
  • AUTOMATIC GENERATION OF DRAWINGS – Drawings, templates, annotations, projections, scaling, etc.
  • USE OF PROTOTYPE AND ASSEMBLY COPYING – Renaming of files, connections between components, hierarchical encoding, etc.
  • CNC PREPARATION – Cnc machine tool, drilling, milling, mortising, cutting, etc.
  • DATA INTEGRATION WITH THE AUTODESK VAULT PROGRAM – Dimensions, materials, data, specification, etc.
Woodwork for Inventor | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

The Ultimate Guide to Inventor

A practical guide to ramping up your knowledge and abilities in Inventor and its add-ons and integrations.



5 Key Benefits of Woodwork for Inventor

Woodwork for Inventor | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

Helps design furniture of any complexity level, more easily and faster

Fully integrates into Autodesk Inventor, adding industry-specific functionality and better workflows

Many automation features for modeling, detailing and production

Versatile and used by boutique furniture designers, residential kitchen designers, commercial shopfront fitters and more

Available in 7 languages


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Woodwork for Inventor | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

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