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Autodesk’s 0% financing offer is available November 1, 2022, through January 6, 2023.



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Autodesk 0%* financing offer is available now through January 6, 2023.

The Graitec team is happy to let you know that Autodesk has once again arranged with select financing partners to provide 0% financing for qualified end-user customers in Canada on eligible purchases. Minimum transaction size to qualify for 0% financing is $10,000 (USD or CAD).

Financing under this offer applies to new or renewing 3-year subscriptions that are switched from maintenance and select 3-year purchases for new and renewing product subscriptions, not switched from maintenance.

As per previous quarter, exceptions will only be required for non-qualifying product subscriptions from the excluded list found in the FAQ. These exceptions will be reviewed/approved by Autodesk Sales Leadership.

All deals must meet or exceed the minimum required deal size of $10,000.

* The availability of 0% financing is subject to customer credit approval and eligibility criteria as defined by the participating financing partners. This offer requires customers to make annual payments to the partnering financial institutions. Alternative payment terms may be available but may carry an additional cost which will be the responsibility of the customer.


For this Autodesk Q4 financing offer, all deals exceeding $400,000 will require exception approval so that they can ensure both Autodesk and the Lenders are able to support you in this rapidly rising interest rate environment.

Taking advantage of this offer will enable customers to:

  • Keep up with the latest Autodesk products while potentially reducing disruption of cash flow
  • Increase purchasing power with low financing rates
  • Meet anticipated growth needs

For more information, contact us or view the 0% financing offer T&C (PDF).

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