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With over four decades of expertise, Applied Software, GRAITEC Group is uniquely positioned to understand and address your key challenges through our global network of technical experts and developers as a software company. Our collaboration with Autodesk is stronger than ever, with a shared commitment to elevating your experience through easier access, insightful data, tailored software recommendations, and specialized Applied Software services aligned with your business objectives.


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Autodesk has announced an important update that affects the buying process for North American clients starting June 10, 2024. This change is designed to further enhance our client success plans, technical support and service levels.

A New Buying Process for Autodesk Software

Easier Access to Autodesk and Graitec Software 

Portals and self-service capabilities enhancing the access and management of Autodesk and GRAITEC Software

Improved Data & Insights

Deeper understanding on how your business is using software tools and why

Applied Software Specialized Services

Services and Consulting that delivers your business goals aligned to strategic outcomes

Software Recommendations

Software expertise to allow faster access to the right technology, at the right time, for the right project

What is changing

The primary change is the process of ordering and paying for Autodesk software. Moving forward, once your Autodesk software quote from Applied Software has been finalized, subscription payments for Autodesk software will be conducted directly with Autodesk.

Our commitment to your success remains unchanged. Applied Software will continue to be your dedicated partner for software solutions, enablement and support, irrespective of your purchasing method.

Process to reinforce our strategic partnership:

Digital Transformation

Comprehensive solutions that address various aspects of your business

Deliver Business Outcomes

Strategic partnership beyond software & processes aimed at mutual success

Connected Process

Simplify and expedite your buying and renewal experience with self-service capabilities

Next Steps:

To adapt to these changes, your organization will need to onboard Autodesk as a vendor within your procurement systems. We encourage you to connect with your Applied Software account manager to develop a customized plan for your organization. Together, we will explore how to maximize the benefits of this transition, ensuring you receive the best pricing and options available.

Visit the Autodesk vendor setup page to get started.


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  • Autodesk is introducing a new buying process that will change your subscription purchasing process. As your dedicated partner, we will play a pivotal role in every aspect of pre-sale and post-sale orders. The payment process is undergoing a change with the direct transaction between you and Autodesk. The official launch date for this new buying process is set for June 10, 2024.

  • Autodesk currently operates in buy/sell, agency, direct, online, and affiliate models. Moving to a new buying process helps them consolidate models and focus on customer outcomes around self-service, data-driven interactions, and predictable pricing.

  • The primary change lies in the transaction process. You will still receive a quote from GRAITEC (Canada) or Applied Software (USA) for all your Software and Service requirements, however, the final Autodesk software transaction for ordering through to payment will now be facilitated directly by Autodesk. Further details will follow to guide you through this process.

  • To purchase Autodesk products in the new transaction process, you will set up Autodesk as a vendor in your system. We are here to assist you through the Vendor Setup process. Visit the Autodesk vendor setup page to get started.

  • Of course.  Nothing changes with how we work with you on your technology requirements and how you order and pay for all other software and services from Applied Software.

  • You will continue to pay Applied Graitec for any invoice relating to an order prior to June 10th, 2024, this includes any annual invoice installment relating to a 3-year order prior to the go live date of June 10th 2024.

  • Absolutely, our support and services relationship remain unchanged. For assistance, please contact our support teams in the US and Canada through the provided contacts.

  • You can also send your support request by using the forms below:

    Or email: