BIM & VDC Management

Support your organization’s design technology standards, processes, training, software, and implementation necessary for presentation, production and delivery of services to clients.

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Dedicated BIM managers at large organizations often need help with providing end user support, accelerated timelines, training, and more.

CAD/BIM Managers

Provide complementary and supplementary end-user support
Project mentoring for all studios and teams
Content review, maintenance, development

Operations Managers

Objective, non-billable, end user, and project team support
Additional industry expertise providing real-world solutions to project challenges
Accelerate implementation timeline
Support office production standards

Studio Directors

Just-in-time project support and team mentoring
Project kickoff participation to consult on project setup and organization
End user support and training

Leverage our team’s expertise to advance your team.

Our BIM/VDC Management Service includes:

Standards Development and Support

  • Promote company standards
  • Assist with template development

Project Model Support

  • Diagnose poor performing models
  • Troubleshoot corrupt or crashing models
  • Project setup and best practices support

Project Team Mentoring

  • Project setup
  • Project requirements and goals

Application Support

  • Basic “How To” questions
  • Workflow questions

Dedicated Training

  • Standard courses
  • Custom courses and content

Application Troubleshooting

  • Errors in software


Why analyze, implement and customize your projects with the right processes, workflows, and technology?

BIM & VDC Management | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

Improve Competitive Advantage

We are focused on the most critical aspects of your success: business processes, automation, software integration, and data management.

Disciplined and comprehensive process improvement methodology
Technology to provide easy to use automation solutions
A data-driven powerhouse that puts data at the center of operations
Solutions to make systems work better together

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Improve Operational Efficiencies

Identify inefficiencies and map out key performance initiatives through collaborative workshops. Discover your team’s pain points and reveal operational performance gaps. You can then embark upon process improvement techniques designed specifically for your industry.

Streamline Tedious Tasks

Enable your employees to perform their work better despite a constantly changing business environment. Focus on important, innovative and rewarding work by implementing people-centric automated solutions. Keep up with the latest cutting edge automation technology.

Define a Single Source of Truth

Stay at the top of your game, while making information easier to manage, share and visualize. Define a single source of truth for your data, including a road map to future-proof data and proactively react to changes in your industry. Get access to the best data management tools, tested and developed by industry experts.

Modernize Your Technology

Improve organizational agility and efficiency by modernizing and integrating your systems. Get quick, secure and accurate access to information. Don’t let legacy technology stand in your way.

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