Data Management & Visualization

Ensure your data is treated like the remarkable asset it is.

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Improve business processes and decision making

When it comes to data management and visualization, you need to start with a data strategy to ensure your data is treated like an asset. That means establishing common methods, practices and processes to obtain, manage, share, and visualize data.

Preserving Existing Data

Ensure your drawings, documents and relevant historical data are preserved, searchable and actionable. We specialize in making sure your existing systems provide the best foundation for new software.

Eliminating Incompatible Data Silos and Inconsistent Data Sets

Make sure your data from different platforms and applications complement and build on one another to deliver greater benefits. We help you establish a road map for aligning data.

Visualizing Data for Improved Results

Make complex data more accessible, understandable and usable using visualization tools.

Assessing Your Needs

Reduce manual data efforts, automate release and ECO management, and speed up data searching and archiving. We help document your current data management climate and suggest revised workflows.

Helping Your Organization Become a Data-Driven Powerhouse

Get a rapid return on investment with better data use and management. We help you create a culture change so your whole organization is on board and data driven.

Applying the Best Tools for Now and the Future

Take advantage of the best tools for easier use of information. Our experts are constantly testing and developing tools to help you ensure your data is always up to date.


Why analyze, implement and customize your projects with the right processes, workflows, and technology?

Data Management & Visualization | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

Improve Competitive Advantage

We are focused on the most critical aspects of your success: business processes, automation, software integration, and data management.

Disciplined and comprehensive process improvement methodology
Technology to provide easy to use automation solutions
A data-driven powerhouse that puts data at the center of operations
Solutions to make systems work better together

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Improve Operational Efficiencies

Identify inefficiencies and map out key performance initiatives through collaborative workshops. Discover your team’s pain points and reveal operational performance gaps. You can then embark upon process improvement techniques designed specifically for your industry.

Streamline Tedious Tasks

Enable your employees to perform their work better despite a constantly changing business environment. Focus on important, innovative and rewarding work by implementing people-centric automated solutions. Keep up with the latest cutting edge automation technology.

Define a Single Source of Truth

Stay at the top of your game, while making information easier to manage, share and visualize. Define a single source of truth for your data, including a road map to future-proof data and proactively react to changes in your industry. Get access to the best data management tools, tested and developed by industry experts.

Modernize Your Technology

Improve organizational agility and efficiency by modernizing and integrating your systems. Get quick, secure and accurate access to information. Don’t let legacy technology stand in your way.

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