Standards & Template Development

Whether you are just beginning to implement BIM, updating an existing BIM implementation, or combining BIM standards from multiple organizations due to acquisitions, key to that effort are Project Templates, Standards Documentation and development of supporting content. Even if you have the expertise in-house, these efforts can still be daunting due to resource constraints.

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Streamline Your Standards Development Process

Consistent Deliverables

Deliver a more consistent product compliant with a well-developed and complete set of standards and supporting content.

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Clear Documentation

Have a concise, clear set of standards documentation, providing clarity in the application of your standards and the reasoning behind them.

Increased Speed

Create and implement standards more quickly across departments with a dedicated team of industry experts.

Expertise on every step of the way.

Current State Review

  • Applied Software’s team of experts review the existing template and standard to identify areas of improvement and determine how to take advantage of improvements in the software.
  • Our team will conduct a content review to ensure a lean template is provided with maximum functionality.

Standards Development

  • We will facilitate discussions with your team to understand what is working, where improvements are needed and build consensus with your team to decide on a path forward
  • Documentation of the conversation and standards will be reviewed to establish clear concise standards
  • Additional efficiencies will be explored including design automation, schedules, parameters, Dynamo etc. to ensure your team is moving forward with all the tools possible to ensure success

Template & Content Creation

  • With the guidance of your team, we will create a template and create or adjust supporting content to ensure a clean transition to your new standards
  • Our three phase review process will ensure that your team is in control and stays involved during the development of their template and standards


  • Template Specification – the ASTI template Specification outlines each individual attribute of your template and standard and memorializes the decisions and details of your design deliverables
  • Change log – this document will be a road map for your team throughout the implementation to provide confidence about the changes that were made from the original standards to the new package

Implementation Assistance

  • Changing your process is never easy, but our team will provide front line support as your team makes the transition.
  • We are here to answer questions and a provide a helping hand when you need it.


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Reduce Operational Inefficiencies

Our collaborative workshops help organizations identify inefficiencies and map out key performance initiatives. You will be able to validate the pain points your team experiences and uncover operational performance gaps. You can then use our proven toolbox of process improvement techniques, specifically designed for your industry.

Streamline Tedious Tasks

You can enable your employees to do their jobs better and focus on important, innovative, and rewarding work by implementing our people-centric automated solutions. We will help you keep up with the latest, cutting-edge automation technology in a constantly changing business environment.

Define a Single Source of Truth

You can make information easier to manage, share, and visualize by working with us to define a single source of truth for your data. Our methods include establishing a road map for future-proofing data so you can proactively react to changes in your industry. You will have access to the best data management tools, tested and development by our experts, to keep you at the top of your game.

Modernize Your Technology

You don’t want legacy technology to stand in your way, so we help modernize and integrate your systems. The result is quick, secure, and accurate access to information that improves organizational agility and efficiency.

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