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Applied Software, Graitec Group takes a unique approach to training. In addition to offering standard training courses based on Autodesk requirements, Applied offers a fully customized training program to suit all levels of experience. Building a training program to suit every individual will save on downtime and costs compared to off-the-shelf training.

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Advance Design

GRAITEC | Engineering

Advance Design is a mature and easy to use FEM Structural Analysis solution dedicated to structural engineers operating in a…

Advance Steel

Autodesk | Engineering, Fabricator | Steel

Graitec offers a comprehensive training portfolio to suit every implementation of Autodesk Advance Steel and we deliver all the important…


Autodesk | Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Fabricator, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Plant Design, Product design

Enrolling on an AutoCAD course or undertaking AutoCAD training is without doubt the best way to start building your 2D…

Bluebeam Training

Bluebeam, Others | Architecture, Construction, Engineering

Whether you are brand new to Bluebeam or just a novice user this class is designed to give an overview…

Civil 3D

Autodesk | Engineering, Infrastructure

AutoCAD Civil 3D training is geared to provide learners with a solid grounding in the software so that they can…


Autodesk | Manufacturing, Product design

GRAITEC provides training at all levels for Inventor from fundamentals through advanced consulting. We cover all associated add-ins including FEA,…


Autodesk | Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Infrastructure

Discover all Revit trainings offered by Autodesk certified team of experts at Graitec.

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TRAINING | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

Customize Your Training

Custom training lessons address the most common workflows across the AEC, civil infrastructure and manufacturing industries. Classes are offered for different levels of learning from fundamentals and essentials to intermediate and advanced. If you don’t see a class that suits your needs, we will develop a curriculum and training program to meet your individual training requirements.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is training like?

Our training is an online, live training environment for CAD users. Classes are taught “live” via the web by certified application specialists who have years of real-world industry experience in their disciplines. Unlike prerecorded online CAD application training, You can ask the instructor questions and remotely interact with other students throughout the training session, replicating the experience of traditional classroom training but without the expense.

How is our different from other online training?

Classes are led by application specialists with years of experience who integrate industry workflows into the learning. Instructors focus on teaching practical applications of the software; not just picks and clicks. Training is delivered in half-day sessions, allowing for better knowledge retention and less impact on productivity in the workplace.

Who teaches the classes?

All instructors are former industry professionals, who have chosen to apply their vast knowledge and experience to train others on how to best use CAD and 3D modeling software for design, documentation and visualization projects. Our instructors are certified in the applications they teach and many are registered industry professionals.

How long are classes?

Classes are taught in half-day sessions to allow for the balance between learning and workplace productivity. Course length varies, with the majority of courses lasting four or five days.

Do you offer training for groups?

Yes. We can develop a custom training program specifically for your company. Please contact us to discuss your training needs.

What are the system requirements for the courses?

We recommend meeting Autodesk or Bluebeam’s minimum system requirements. In addition, we recommend a headset and dual monitors for the best learning experience.

How many students does a class have?

Classes are limited to 12 students. This allows us to balance class size with student skill levels to provide the optimum interactive experience. We have found that classes larger than 12 make it difficult for students to ask questions and receive full attention from the instructors.

How do I use prepaid sessions?

First, ensure that you have purchased enough sessions for the class you’d like to attend. When you are ready to register, select the “PRE-PAID” ticket option.

Why do some classes require courseware and others don’t?

Some classes, like many of the Fundamentals classes, utilize datasets and examples that are licensed by the courseware provider. The courseware, datasets and examples provide substantial value for our students and make excellent reference manuals for use beyond training.

What is the cancellation policy?

Once an order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled by you. You have 12 months from date of purchase within which to schedule and take a Course. Registration is required a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled Course start date to ensure on-time delivery of courseware and to attend the orientation. If due to unforeseen circumstances you need to reschedule a Course date, you may request an alternative date by contacting us at least 10 days prior to the Course start date. The granting of such request is solely in our discretion. All requests should be submitted to You may also call us at or call 800-899-2784. Requests must include your name, student name (if different from your name), current Course date, and requested alternative Course date. If we change or cancel Course dates, we will reschedule you to the next available Course date. We are not responsible for any error in delivery of email notices by you.