Autodesk® AutoCAD Civil 3D® Fundamentals

AutoCAD Civil 3D permits rapid development of alternatives through its model base-based design tools. You will learn techniques enabling you to organize project data, work with points, create and analyze surfaces, model road corridors, create parcel layouts, perform grading and volume calculations tasks, and layout pipe networks.


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Autodesk® AutoCAD Civil 3D® – Fundamentals

  • Date: 19 June 2023 - 23 June 2023
  • Duration: 5 Half Day Sessions - 18 hours
  • Level: Essentials
  • Format: Online
  • Location: Online
  • Trainer: Brent Baker

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Autodesk® AutoCAD Civil 3D® - Essentials

Duration: 5 half-day sessions
Prerequisites: Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows OS; proficient with AutoCAD; general understanding of civil engineering design principles and standards.
Objectives: Course covers the basics of creating civil and survey projects in Civil 3D with topics including points, surfaces, alignments, corridors, pipe networks, and grading.
Courseware: Ascent – Autodesk Civil 3D Fundamentals

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Autodesk® AutoCAD Civil 3D® – Fundamentals | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group
Autodesk® AutoCAD Civil 3D® – Fundamentals | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

After this training, participants will be able to:

Learn the AutoCAD Civil 3D User Interface
Create and edit parcels and print parcel reports
Create points and point groups and work with survey figures
Create, edit, view, and analyze surfaces
Create and edit alignments
Create grading solutions
Perform quantity takeoff and volume calculations
Use plan and production tools to create plan and profile sheets


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Autodesk® AutoCAD Civil 3D® – Fundamentals | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

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